Boxing legend Mike Tyson accuses Robin Givens of cheating with Brad Pitt

Mike Tyson claims Robin Givens had an affair

Tyson accuses his ex-wife of cheating.

Mass Appeal Wire Reports

LOS ANGELES — Okay, this is ludicrous. Heavyweight boxing legend Mike Tyson made a recent appearance on “The Real,” where he accused ex-wife Robin Givens of having an extramarital affair with actor Brad Pitt. Well, sort of. “I didn’t really catch them in the act, maybe before the act,” Mike explained to the five female panel of Tamera Mowry, Jeannie Mai, Adrienne Bailon, Loni Love and Tamar Braxton. “When I was driving before I go to my divorce lawyer, I decided to go by the house that we lived in.”

Mike continued, “Then I see nobody’s there and, as I’m getting ready to leave to go to my car, there’s a car that comes out. So when I saw the car come out, I thought maybe it was her or one of her girlfriends from the show. But it’s not. It’s a guy.”

“Then I got mad and, of course, I’m jealous at that time. When the car came, she said ‘Michael’ and he didn’t see me. Then he said ‘Hey dude.’ Anyway, we met each other and stuff. He was a really nice guy.”

Mike has been awfully busy these days. On Tuesday, he goofed around with actor Donnie Yen at the Beijing premiere of his action film “Ip Man 3.” In the movie, martial-arts master Ip Man (Yen) takes on a crooked developer (Tyson) and his gang of ruthless thugs.

Anyway, do you believe Mike?

Did Robin really cheat with Brad?

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  1. dear producers of the real,please release the English version
    please and Thank you

  2. You NEVER hear Brad Pitt mention this story…he probably doesn’t even remember that it happened…we get it, Mike…you were married to a girl that a very young, new to Hollywood and trying to break into the business Brad Pitt may or may not have been sleeping with….congratulations…

  3. Shakera Anderson

    Lol he’s an entertaining story teller I tell you that

  4. Abigial Rosser


  5. Can someone please give me a summery of what he talked about. I have already watched the video 2 times, and still don’t get what he was talking about.

  6. Tyson is so cool. The fact that the rape conviction never dented his popularity even among females is telling; guy was born to be a legend.

  7. I smell bullshit on Tyson’s breath

  8. Mike, stay off the meth

  9. Rebel 4 No Cause

    Mike is one cool negro

  10. I will have what Tyson is smokin

  11. Why is he still talking about Robin Givens? They split up years ago.

  12. Mike should go back to school and take some speech classes.

  13. I believe him. Robin aint nothin but a high price ho.

  14. Mr. Tyson, please hire a speech coach

  15. this interview is too funny 🙂

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