Netflix officials announced renewel of “Fuller House” for season No. 2

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Netflix is bringing back Fuller House

Fuller House will be back for round two.

Mass Appeal Wire Reports

NEW YORK — If you’re into old school entertainment, it’s time to celebrate. Nexflix announced the renewal of “Fuller House.” The revival of the popular ’90s sitcom will return for a second season. The show premiered Feb. 26th to mixed reviews. Despite the absence of the Olsen twins, many of the original cast members have reprised their roles 29 years later, including John Stamos as Uncle Jesse, Andrea Barber as Kimmy, David Alan Coulier as Joey, Bob Saget as patriarch Danny Tanner and Jodie Sweetin as Stephanie.

The new show, however, centers around eldest daughter D.J. (Candace Cameron-Bure) who returns home as a recently widowed mother of three young sons. Fortunately for her, D.J. receives plenty of live-in support from Stephanie and best friend Kimmy.

Are you okay with the Tanners getting a 2nd season?

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  1. The show is crap. Put the has Beens back on tv. It’s not funny a waste of valuable living time.

  2. I thought Full House was pretty funny. But this show is so freaking unfunny it’s ridiculous. The humor is so lame and typical of this decade. What a shame.

  3. Princess who knows

    As lovely as these ladies are, I really disliked Fuller House. First off, it’s not kid friendly at all. I’m quite disappointed because this may be 2016, but the one thing you could count on was this show being clean. That’s not the case here. As a Christian, I was quite surprise at Candice’s performance. Some of her clothing was a bit revealing, along with Jodie’s, not to mention the shots at the club, the DANCE moves with Andrea Barber…. and the two girls kissing (WATCHED IT ON A VIDEO REVIEW OF THE SHOW) and Jesse? Yes, handing the baby in an Elvis suit over to Joey around his private area? Not acceptable. I know people are criticizing Candice because she’s a Christian, and rightfully so. It’s one thing to have fun on the set with your old cast members, but let’s not forget who she “claims” she is first, she is in Christ. And this is how the public “views” her. I think if the show continues to air, then there should be some major changes made or cancel the show. Make it kid friendly like it use to be or drop it. It was a good show years ago, and just because society has gotten LESS caring about what they watch because of what the producers/directors put out there, as a Christian mom, I still care very much so. If nothing changes, I wont be seeing season 2. I didn’t even get past 4 episodes on the first one; I just shut it off because I was so disappointed. And from one Christian sister to another, Candice should know you can’t serve to Gods. So is it God, or is it Hollywood whom she’s serves?

  4. DoubleClutch95

    Stephanie was my childhood crush when I was a kid and she still is after see how great she looks now!

  5. Jodie Sweeten is making my blood boil, damn she’s is hawtttt!!!!!

  6. I’m trying to see why I read bad reviews about fuller house lol I thought they did a great job! I’m hoping for a season 2 I love Stephanie character ,Fernando is hilarious and that little kid I can’t remember his name and of course kimmy all had me laughing lol

  7. Aww, I disagree on the negative criticism toward this show. I never was a huge fan of the original show but I really like this. Feelgood television. :)

  8. That moment when Michelle is mentioned and the entire cast looks at the camera for 30 seconds was literally the most epic moment in tv history. I grew up in the 90’s watching Full House and its a blast from the past to see everyone back in the same set in the same roles. The first episode was amazing, it had my mouth dropping, and I even went into laughing fits. This doesn’t happen very often, and it was so cool to see something I thought was long dead all the sudden get revived. The only thing I wish was different was the absence of the Olsen Twins, they should really make a guest appearance at least.

  9. i have to be drunk or high to sit through this shit

  10. This show bites. Was hoping it got canceled.

  11. This is the worst reboot ever. They ruined a classic.

  12. i love the remake……. u guys are idiots!

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