Dreamy McMugshot released from prison, lucrative modeling career now awaits

Dreamy McMugshot preps for modeling career

Mugshot star free and ready to model.

Mass Appeal Wire Reports

LOS ANGELES — Crime does pay. Internet sensation Jeremy Meeks (a.k.a. Dreamy McMugshot) is fresh out the penitentiary and, according to his agent Jim Jordan, he has lucrative modeling contracts waiting for him. If he plays his cards right, he could become filthy rich by summer. Meeks, who served time for multiple weapon and gang-related charges, was released Tuesday morning from the Mendota Federal Correctional Institution in Northern California. His wife Melissa and their three children were there to greet him.

“He’s in great spirits,” Jordan said. “He’s delighted to be reunited with his family.” Meeks, if you recall, stole headlines in June 2014 when his handsome mugshot went viral on every social media outlet. Now he’s receiving offers from a fraternity of “top 5 designers” and TV producers.

“We were bombarded by every news media outlet and production company out there,” Jordan said, adding that Meeks has stayed in great shape by doing 500 sit-ups and 500 push-ups a day in prison. “We have huge plans for him. A lot is about to happen. We don’t want to announce it at the moment, but we have some incredible stuff coming that will blow everyone away.”

“The world responds to beautiful things,” Jordan added.

“Jeremy is a beautiful thing.”


  1. Johnson & Johnson

    Cant hate on the guy. He paid his debt and caught a big break. Sometimes the Lord works in mysterious ways.

  2. I would literally buy his mugshot that’s how hot he is

  3. I’m a dude, I’m straight and I’m comfortable enough with my sexuality to admit that this dude is very attractive.

  4. The fact that women donated money to get him out of jail simply because of his looks shows what kind of women are being produced in society.

  5. Wait till they see his dick”Lol

  6. Some dumb ass females would find Ted Bundy and Jeffrey Dahmer charming!!! Gtfoh I could here a dumb dizzy bitch now, ” Girl I think I’m in love with Jeffrey,he is fine girl and on top of that he got his own place and his own white van!!! Sicko bitches!!!

  7. He is good looking, but he talks like a street thug. He says the tear under his eye represents the things in his life he regrets doing. It’s not certain, but there is a possibility he may have murdered someone. When asked about that, he didn’t admit or deny it. His brother is good looking as well. It’s a good thing he is married with children and It would be nice if this guy’s life gets turned around all because of a mugshot, but he would have to cut his ties with gang members and work for his family and for success.

  8. I know this nigga is weak yo cause I know damn well he’s not trying to fight and get his face fucked up cause that’s these only thing he’s got to survive. Otherwise he would have been under the jail.

  9. Leonardo Da Vinci

    Women are disgusting, they’d fuck anything that looks good.

  10. he makes my panties wet everytime i see him

  11. Well, why not. Dozens of established celebrities (and celebrity wannabes), most of them very attractive, wound up with a mugshot or two (or a dozen or two, right Lindsay?) floating around, so why not just start a career with one and take it from there – a shortcut and a novel approach. At least he landed in jail off camera, so he has spared himself from public embarassment and spared US from having to witness one of those trainwreck never-ending descents to court and beyond. I do hope these “top 5 designers” are planning to use this as a starting point, instead of capitalizing on his thug image and subjecting us to years of silly photoshoots of him wearing lots of orange. (CK undies ARE available in orange!)
    I’m being sarcastic and ironic of course. This Jordan person is a bloodsucker and needs to go away. I hope that, along with the pushups and sit-ups, Meeks used his jail time to reconsider his values to become a good husband and a great father, something every kid needs. If his good looks land him a job, well, that’s great, but first things first (and, yes, I believe in second and third chances).

  12. He can fuck me anytime

  13. That nigga probably screwed men in prison

  14. This story disgusts me. What is this country coming to?

  15. He is hot and handsome. I dont care what crimes he committed.

  16. Jack In The Box

    the guy is a fuckin loser with a criminal record…. women are so fucked up

  17. “Only in America”

    — Don King

  18. pick one i got alot

    Thanks to his criminal record, Meeks probably has a better shot at supermodel stardom than getting a job at his local Domino’s Pizza…. who wants to take a risk on him,… i mean in a couple of years when there are more millennials that think they are entitled to stock options to do a basic entry level job then maybe convicts will be a desirable employee… but really little desire to do a good job and looking for the quick buck is there really much of a difference except one will beat you down and take your wallet and the other would stand there looking useless.

  19. Hey, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with things turning around for this guy. It’s life. Right place right time happens constantly, to best and worst of us. And I say good luck.

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