Donald Trump gets rude welcome in Kansas City from disgruntled protesters

Donald Trump endures bad experience in KC

Kansas City shows Mr. Trump no love.

Mass Appeal Wire Reports

KANSAS CITY — Like the misfits in Chicago, Kansas Citians showed no class on Saturday (March 12) during a rally for Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump at the Midland Theatre. Protesters interrupted Trump’s speech at least a dozen times and the 69-year-old politician responded by asking Kansas City police to do something they’re not accustomed to doing: make some arrests. “I hope these guys get thrown into a jail — they’ll never do it again,” Trump said. “It’ll destroy their record. … I don’t want to ruin people’s lives. But the only way we’re going to stop this craziness is if we press charges.”

Trump had a difficult time getting through his disquisition as he was repeatedly interrupted. He even labeled the protesters avid supporters of Democratic candidate Bernie Sanders. The madness in KC comes roughly 24 hours after Trump cancelled an appearance in Chicago amid concerns for his safety.

A series of fistfights broke out Friday night at the University of Illinois at Chicago Pavilion.

Things got so bad in KC, police had to use pepper spray to disperse the crowd.

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  1. It is apparent that those who oppose Trump by not beating him at the ballot box, along with the thugs that he, America and his supporters have had enough with are now using violent confrontations knowing the media will jump all over this. The media has been reinforcing this type of behavior over the years and even more so the last several years which has increased and stirred emotions both racially and with other issues. It’s a shame PC has gone amuck and the freedom of speech is becoming lost. By the way I did not vote for Mr. Trump. If it comes down to a lying candidate with with no character (I’ll use MLK’s standard) and an almost communist, I will vote for Mr. Trump though.

  2. Good for these people for PROTESTING for what they believe in. My question is are they going to vote in the primary to make sure Trump does NOT win??

    I bet not!! Going to the voting booth does not make for dramatic “selfies” like creating a riot does. These protesters need to understand that voters are supporting Trump in PROTEST of the status quo in Washington.

    I wonder which group will actually vote in the November elections? The FED-UP adult voters or these young protestors only interested in creating drama for their “selfies”???

  3. I blame the media for encouraging violents in Trump’s rallies by glorifying the protesters action instead of slamming it as a violation of Trump’s first amendment right of free speech and assembly. Trump’s rival are using this and twisting it and blaming Trump’s for the violent protesters action who were uninvited inside the private rally.The more the media put a hit on Trump the more people will come to support him. Media meddling and swaying people’s mind is long gone People are on to the media’s tactics.

  4. We are headed for something bad in this country. Sooner or later, with all the hate, there will be an explosion. We had a great run but are probably too diverse and divided to hold together in our present form of government. The voice of the common working taxpayer is long gone. Time to downsize the federal government and the unelected bureaucrats that rule us. It will happen, but either with a total collapse or war unless we elect those who will wean us away from government dependancy.

  5. Well, if it is open season on political rallies and free speech, then the right is free to shut down Hillary and Bernie’s events as well. What is sauce for the goose is sauce for the gander as the saying goes. Say good bye to liberty and free speech now that the left has a new way to bring down America. And you can bet the biased lame stream media is just going to love stirring up the racial pot and making victims of the violent, provocative activists like we saw in the streets of Chicago last night. Brought to you by the folks who love to burn, loot, destroy and disrupt when they don’t get their way. Welcome to the new America.

  6. Thank-you protesters!! I was unsure who to vote for, but after watching the spectacle you caused at the Trump rally, I now know who I will vote for: Donald Trump. He will protect my rights from jerks like you.

  7. This bring back memories of how the unions would attack people that didn’t support them !! . How sad .listen up guys you can do what ever you want but you wont stop American people from putting an end to the corruption in o government !These kids are indoctrinated from a early early age pre school is when it starts .They protest and support the same people that are responsible for the high cost of education , the same people that are taking their money and giving it to foreign countries, illegals and wasting the rest The same people that is making it impossible for them to find a good job to pay back those loans , they get from the government which are the same people that passed the laws allowing the government to rip them off , with college loans .Goes to show our education system is probably the sorriest in the world. Liberals and republican s are bought and paid for , they vote for and introduce bills that will benefit their political contributors who in exchange reward the corrupt candidate by helping them become millionaires .When do we put an end to it and once again have a government by the people and for the people ???

  8. Us poor law bidding white folks are tired of all this nonsense from the Neg’ros. Were the ones that have to pay for all this thru our hard earned tax dollars. Non of them work. Non of them know how to work. Who would hire them anyway ? they would be a liability for us folks. They only know how to run. That’s all, run. Run their mouths, run their boom box, run and protest, run and riot, run with their pants on the ground, run and have babies to get SSI, run and have more babies to get more SSI, run and get food stamps, run and sell food stamps. RUN RUN RUN all they do is run.

  9. This violent fascist suffocation of American freedom of speech and First Amendment, especially in regards to election campaign, must be deplored and condemned by all, including Bernie, Hillary and politician across the whole spectrum of opinions.

    This stands against US supreme court decisions in the past and we, the people can not accept that some hoodlums and thugs will dictate to us all what is OK and what is not OK to say or think. Even opponents of Trump must realize that these actions are more dangerous to our democracy than Trump’s opinions.

  10. These “protesters” are not there to protest, but to cause another incident of black on white violence. This wave of protest and violence will continue to grow even after the Commander in Thief has left office. A confrontation is coming, and the BLM and Panthers will not like the outcome. Over time blacks have drifted further and further away from civilized behavior and returned to their animalistic roots. If you refuse to act like civilized people, then you will be treated like the animals you are. Clean up your act, or get the kcuF out of the US.

  11. If these low-information “protesters” (in reality, thugs seeking trouble) had an ounce of intelligence, they would understand that Trump is their best bet to accomplish their goals. They would realize his end game of bring them actual true opportunity and prosperity.

    The Left, in all its manipulative brilliance, is keeping them down, exactly where the Left wants them. The Left (and the establishment Right for that matter) gives away the farm in every deal they make, and guess what…what they just gave away is no longer there to generate revenue, to spend on infrastructure, to support a safety net, etc…nope, it’s simply gone, and 99 times out of 100 we have absolutely nothing to show for it.

  12. Do these morons understand the right to free speech? Donald Trump may be many things that are not in line with rational thought, but he has every right to hold and express such views. Coming to a rally to create chaos is not a protected right. People who do this should be jailed, fined, and have their voting privileges suspended for 5 years. There are many, many ways to protest against Trump that do not involve interfering with his free speech.

  13. Why are these protesters going into candidates rallies causing problems? Why are they even at these rallies protesting in the first place? We are still in the CHOICE stage of the election process. The “AMERICAN way” is to go and SUPPORT the candidate of your choice, go phone bank for them, email blasts for them, go knock on doors for them, go to YOUR candidates rallies. Going to these other rallies, trying to either silence or force others to agree with them, is an abuse and misguided representation of the 1st Amendment. These protestors need be educated as to what the proper process is. And the media is the worse of all for being so irresponsible in its biased, unethical reporting which is aimed at sowing discord amongst the American people.

  14. The violence caused by the thug protestors is being blamed on trump, also known as “the white man”.
    We now condemn every white victim. We blame the victim when blacks commit crime!
    Blacks rape, murder and kill, and we say, ” what can we do to make things better for the BLACKS”! We are led to believe that because blacks commit so much crime WE are to blame, WE have failed them. WE have not done enough for THEM, so we are to blame.
    WE are NOT their parents! We ARE victims!! We are not the problem. We need to let them fail and fade away. WE kepp giving them mor and more, until we have NOTHING! …and it is still OUR fault???? I don’t think so!

  15. Trump is Like your Drunk Redneck Uncle who Thinks He Knows Politics!! and can fix all the problems once he becomes President. he’s just a Clown. it’s funny watching him talk. keep on supporting him and if and when he becomes President you’ll see that all that he Promised you people were all Lies!! you’ll see!

  16. I dont feel sorry for Trump. He’s a racist piece of shit.

  17. Im glad the cops pepper sprayed those fuckers

  18. Larry the Pizza Guy

    Trump is gonna get this country back on track.

  19. These rioters and protestors have been disrupting America for 2yrs now, This isn’t Trumps doing, These little flash fascists are part of groups and organizations that receive tax exempt status and receive taxpayer funding, Revoke their funding and shut them down, they have trampled on the 1st amendment and freedom to assemble, And yes you have a right to protest “outside” not to enter and disrupt and attack.

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