President Barack Obama picks Kansas Jayhawks to win title for third time

Will Obama jinx the Jayhawks again?

Mr. Obama picks KU for third time.

Mass Appeal Wire Reports

WASHINGTON — Call it the kiss of death. But, for the third time, President Barack Obama picked the Kansas Jayhawks to win the NCAA Men’s Hoops Tournament. The Psychic-in-Chief filled out a bracket with ESPN for the eighth consecutive year at the White House. He’s picked the correct winner only once. If you recall, Obama picked KU in 2010 and 2011. Both seasons ended as bitter disappointments. “Bill Self owes me,” Obama joked. “I’m putting Kansas in here. Coach, I’m just teasing. I’m not putting pressure on you. But I think the Jayhawks in a squeaker get past UNC.”

Obama didn’t pick too many upsets. With him, everything starts with the head honcho in charge. “I have a tendency to pick the coach as much as anything, because typically these days, with one-and-done, what you see is continuity with the program,” said Obama.

“Coach K [Mike Krzyzewski] or Coach [Tom] Izzo or Coach Self, Coach [John] Calipari, they know how to take even their blue-chip freshmen and mold them, so that by the time the tournament comes around they’re ready. I haven’t always picked the right top four teams, but typically it’s been one of the top teams that’s ended up winning the tournament.”

If you’re a KU fan, better hope three times the charm.

Will Obama jinx the Jayhawks again?

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  1. Kansas is totally fucked now….. Hahahahaha!!!!

  2. He’s also picking ISIS in the MidEast Tournament.

  3. John McDonough

    Obama reminds me of the secretary in your office,takes almost all favorites…Either that or picks teams based on who has the prettiest uniforms.

  4. Woo hoo I feel more comfortable about have Kansas getting knocked early, since they’ve been picked by the man with the unmidas touch.
    Even more excited this is the last year of this.

  5. Obama is proven to be a complete idiot! Dude is unbelievably bad BBall player and athlete as well (how anyone can miss 18 straight foul shots, before quitting, and bowl a 37 is mind blowing)

    I would say Obama is a token idiot but I think he has proven to simply be an idiot.

    still offended ever time I see or hear from this tool

  6. I can’t wait for Obama to join espn once he’s done being president. He’ll make a great sports talking head.

  7. Joseph Cavanaugh

    Nobody cares about your stupid bracket, Mr. President. The bracket that was picked for you by someone else so that you can gain favor in swing states. I’m so glad this is the last year we have to hear about this.

  8. Kansas always choke. Doesnt matter who picks them.

  9. 3 times the charm. I believe in my president. Rock Chalk!!!!!!

  10. Obama is usually wrong about everything but he got this one right. KU will cut down the nets as national champs!

  11. It is a shame obama doesnt have anything better to do than fill out a bracket while the country goes to hell. smh

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