Win free tickets to ‘Barbershop: Next Cut’

Win free tickets to Barbershop: The Next Cut

Mass Appeal giving away free tickets.

Mass Appeal Wire Reports

KANSAS CITY, Mo. — Here’s another ticket giveaway! The Mass Appeal Network, in conjunction with Warner Bros Studios and Allied Faith & Family, is giving away FREE TICKETS via sweepstakes to the highly-anticipated cosmetic film “Barbershop: The Next Cut” starring Ice Cube, Cedric the Entertainer and Nicki Minaj. The advance screening will take place Tuesday, April 12th at 7:30PM at Cinemark 20 located at 5500 Antioch Drive, Merriam, KS, 66202.

Each winner can bring one guest. To get registered, CLICK HERE!!!

As for the film? It’s been more than 10 years since our last appointment at Calvin’s Barbershop. Calvin (played by Ice Cube) and the gang are still there, but the shop has undergone some glaring changes. Most noticeably, the once male-dominated hair haven is now co-ed.

The ladies, however, bring their own unique flavor to the shop while challenging the fellas at every turn. Despite the good times and camaraderie the venue brings, the hood has taken a dramatic turn for the worse — forcing Calvin and the crew to take a stand.

“Barbershop: The Next Cut” hits theaters April 15th.

Again, to enter the sweepstakes, CLICK HERE!!!

And we’ll see you at the movies.


  1. Do another Friday movie damn it Fuck Barbershop Fuck Ride Along , lets go !

  2. Is this funny to black people? Legitimate question.

  3. Im boycotting this movie because there isnt a white person cutting hair.

  4. I thought the first barbershop movie was cool but they shouldve stopped there. Part 2 was doo doo and this one looks like shit too.

  5. Larry the Pizza Guy

    does a ticket purchase come with food stamps and a get out of jail card?????

  6. There should be a law against black people making movies

  7. @H. Conrad: I totally understand your question and it wasn’t a racist one. Yeah it’s funny but most of all it’s a feel good movie bc we can honestly see that being one of our uncles or aunties or even grandfathers doing that. We naturally grow up around barbershops or salons so its just good to see a movie that represents what we do in our everyday life. Plus I just feel that black people are naturally funny, but in person though. Sometimes in movies it comes off corny or unauthentic but referring to the Barbershop movies they’re funny?

  8. If you dont understand this movie, dont worry. It’s a black thang.

  9. I hope Donald Trump puts an end to black movies.

  10. This doesn’t look good the original was the best back in 2002 but nice to see another Barbershop movie i will also add the original cast still look very good. I thought the cast could of been better tho could of added someone like Kevin Hart or some of those funny characters they had in the 1st part but it might be good. I didn’t like common in this movie he just doesn’t fit in with this movie.

  11. Where are the white actors? Everybody complained about the Oscars. This is nothing but another racist movie made by blacks.

  12. I hate how the majority of the comments are about how all the actors are black and it’s a racist movie. Have any of you mugs even seen the first 2 Barbershop movies? THIS IS THE THIRD IN A SERIES! They’re still some of my favorite movies from the past couple of decades, and I’m WHITE.

  13. This movie needs some diversity just like the Oscars 🙁

  14. Looks funny as hell. Cant wait.

  15. Why the fuck isn’t Michael Ealy in this movie?!? ???

  16. What i find funny is all these white folks in the comments complaining bringing up the oscars cuz its an all black cast, but never say shit when the majority of movies are a white cast so thats ok when white folks have an all white comedy its called a feel good/family movie when we do it were hypocrites and our movies are criticized to hell and back its time for us to wake up and create our own hollywood

  17. Looks stupid. Gonna wait until it hits Netflix.

  18. I would rather lick an arm pit than watch this poor excuse for a movie.

  19. haters gonna hate…. i will be there sittin on front row 🙂

  20. Thebe neruda Kgostile

    Cedric out here looking like father time and shit

  21. And they wonder why they don’t win awards lol

  22. this movie is fo niggaz only…… no racists allowed

  23. Ibrahim Abdus-Salaam

    why is Nicki Minaj even in this they fuckin up already

  24. nicki minaj slays my life!! fleek!!! ?? tyga… ??

  25. @cjnovo992 — Did you boycott the lord of the rings? There were no black people too

  26. Ice Cube you should be ashamed for putting out this tripe

  27. Maurice Butler

    This movie just looks wayyyy to corny. Cornier than beauty shop. I appreciate Cube for the positive message for us, but this looks unbearable. The first two weren’t cinematic masterpieces, but at least they were legitimately funny

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