Win free tickets to ‘Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice’ advance screening

Win free tickets to ‘Batman v. Superman’

Win free tickets to superhero movie.

Mass Appeal Wire Reports

KANSAS CITY — Hey Kansas City! Are you ready for a ‘Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice’ advance screening giveaway? Thanks to Warner Bros, Mass Appeal has FREE TICKETS to the Kansas City screening on Tuesday, March 22 in IMAX at AMC Barrywoods located at 8101 Roanridge Road, Kansas City, MO 64151. To register for a chance to win, simply enter the code BvSMassAppealNews after you CLICK HERE! You have from now until Sunday, March 20 to enter. Five winners will be chosen through a random drawing on Monday, March 21. Each winner will receive two tickets. ‪

As for the film? Fearing the actions of Superman are left unchecked, Batman decides to go to war with the Man of Steel while the world wrestles with the thought of what kind of a hero it really wants. With Batman and Superman busy fighting each other, Lex Luthor creates Doomsday to destroy Metropolis.

Will Superman and Batman set aside their differences to stop Lex Luthor?

Will Wonder Woman join in to help?

Attend the screening to find out.

Again, to register, CLICK HERE!


  1. TakeAShowerStinky

    Why is whore Wonder Women in this movie? This movie is targeted towards pimply faced teenage boys and overweight, nerd adults.

  2. Fuck yes, I’ll just ignore lex and doomSday, anyway, fuck yes! Dawn of Justice!

  3. I don’t understand someone please explain. Can’t superman just kill Batman 100 Feet away with his laser eyes ? Even with Batman’s suit made out of kryptonion alloy and has kryptonite filled bullets ?

  4. Kevin Xaverius

    Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman: F*ckin cool af!
    The doomsday: WTF is this?

  5. I jerked off to this. movie looks shit, though.

  6. I wanna fuck wonder woman

  7. Batman will lose.

  8. If they fought 10 times, Superman would kick Batman’s ass 10 times.

  9. This looks so fuckin cool… cant wait to see this tonight!

  10. Tomislav Krtalic

    This movie will never reach its full potential without Bale as Batman

  11. Saw the movie and Ben Affleck is clearly the best live action batman!!! Don’t hate on bale he was legendary but Affleck is the true dark knight

  12. It was dope.

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