Tribe Called Quest star Phife Dawg dead amid complications from Diabetes


Phife Dawg dead at age 45

Tribe Called Quest star is dead at 45.

Mass Appeal Wire Reports

QUEENS — Phife Dawg, known as the diminutive “Five Foot Assassin” from Queen’s Linden Boulevard in the iconic hip hop group ‘A Tribe Called Quest,’ has gone on to be with the Lord. He was only 45. Phife, who was a founding member of the popular rap group, died on Wednesday (March 23) amid complications suffered from Type 1 Diabetes. If you recall, the Five Footer underwent a kidney transplant in 2008. Phife performed alongside lead rapper Q-Tip and DJ Ali Shaheed Muhammad.

The east coast trio produced several rap hits in the 90s, most notably “Scenario,” “Jazz” and “Award Tour.” The Five Footer will no doubt be missed. “(Phife) is the sporty guy that appealed to the street, the corner, the guy on the block,” said Pharrell Williams in a deleted scene from Beats, Rhymes & Life, a 2011 documentary on the Tribe.

“For me, A Tribe Called Quest is cerebral. It’s priceless.”

“It’s music theory for anybody that wants to be a producer.”

Rest in peace Phife.


  1. I hate diabetes

  2. fuck this dude, The WHOLE world won’t remember him only hip hop dick suckers

  3. IcecreamLeGenD

    Rip to him and may god bless his friends and family :(

  4. Innovative Kreationz

    R.I.P Phife your contribution to HipHop will forever be recognized & respected. #HipHop #Legend

  5. i dont knw about yall but phife is gonna forever live through my speakers

  6. RIP my nigga

  7. Phife died way to young. Diabetes is a killer. RIP

  8. Have fun in hip hop heaven. U will be missed.

  9. Sad 🙁

  10. Diabetes aint no fuckin joke. Got family members who have it.

  11. phife dawg played 2nd fiddle to Q-Tip but he was the heart & soul of the group…. RIP

  12. 90s hip hop was the best. Thanks for the memories.

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