Rock Choke Jayhawks: Kansas lays another rotten egg in March Madness

Kansas comes up short again in March

Jayhawks choke again in March.

Mass Appeal Wire Reports

LOUISVILLE — Steve Harvey: “KU is going to the Final Four!” The Obama jinx continues. As customary, the Kansas Jayhawks laid another rotten egg in March which is appropriate this time of year because it’s Easter. With a Final Four berth on the line, with a chance to silence the critics, with a chance to ignite “The Rematch No. 3” with Big 12 rival Oklahoma, the top seeded Jayhawks (33-5) got punched in the gut by the 2nd seeded Villanova Wildcats (33-5) in an ugly 64-59 loss in the South Regional finale at the KFC Yum! Center in Louisville, Kentucky.

“I think the basket shrunk a little bit for us, and certainly, they probably got some confidence the way they were defending us,” KU coach Bill Self said about Villanova. “But it came down them making free throws and it came down to a couple of loose balls, and that was the difference in the outcome.”

The Jayhawks entered the contest winners of 17 in a row. But skeptics lamented the fact KU lacked NBA talent and a “go-to player.” Lo and behold, both reared their ugly heads Saturday night. Leading scorer Perry Ellis registered a point shaving effort in his final game as a Jayhawk with 4 points and 4 turnovers. He only took five shots.

Future All-Big 12 talent Devonte’ Graham fouled out on a bogus call (officiating was terrible). But he still led the blue birds with 17 points. Despite the fact neither could throw it in the ocean from three-point land, juniors Wayne Selden and Frank Mason contributed 16 points apiece.

The headcoaching battle was a mismatch.

Villanova’s Jay Wright took Coach Self to school early and often.

Even though they were equipped with a deep bench anchored by two McDonald’s All-Americans in Carlton Bragg and Cheick Diallo, the Jayhawks failed to record a a single point from their reserves. None. Nada. Zilch. KU also committed 16 turnovers — many of them unforced.

After the game, Villanova’s players found it necessary to talk a little trash. “We wanted to make it a street fight, make it an ugly game,” said Wildcats star Ryan Arcidiacono, who shot 6-of-7 from the free throw line to seal the win on his 22nd birthday. “I think we did that.”

Prior to the tourney, President Barack Obama picked KU to win the national title for the 3rd time.

He’s now zero for 3.

The loss also dropped Coach Self’s record to 2-6 in Elite 8 games.

More food for thought: Coach Self has been at Kansas 13 years and has only made the Final Four twice. During those 13 years, eight other head coaches have made the Final Four more than Coach Self.

Those coaches are:

John Calipari – 5 (2008, 2011, 2012, 2014, 2015)

Tom Izzo – 4 (2005, 2009, 2010, 2015)

Roy Williams – 4 (2005, 2008, 2009, 2016)

Mike Kryzewski – 3 (2004, 2010, 2015)

Rick Pitino – 3 (2005, 2012, 2013)

Ben Howland – 3 (2006, 2007, 2008)

Billy Donovan – 3 (2006, 2007, 2014)

Jim Calhoun – 3 (2004, 2009, 2011)


  1. Devonte Graham at least deserved to take that last shot, and have the ball, not get the opportunity taken away by the officials. The officiating was poor. Yeah we had 16 turnovers. That didn’t help. But anyone who says the officiating was good is either a Villanova fan, or a Kansas hater. You can’t look at number of fouls called. It was about the timing in which those fouls where called.

    I mean, those officials shouldn’t be allowed to do a game again.

  2. Hahahahahaha still laughing at u silly Jayhawk fans! You really thought this was your year hahahahahaha! Your recruiting class sucks and so will your team next year! Hahahahahaha

  3. If KU still had Roy on the bench they would have won AND still have all of their time outs.

  4. Villanova had a great game plan defensively. However, taking nothing away from Villanova, that 5th foul call on Graham was horrible. That was a bad call & shouldn’t have been made. He dove for the ball, got the ball & Hart tripped over him. That’s not a foul. That’s incidental contact and a no-call. Villanova deserved to win, but that call played a role in the game & it shouldn’t have

  5. Laughing at Kansas losing again before the final four has me exhausted…. However hahahahahaha…. Hahahahahaha I can’t stop!!!! Good night u sorry jaysuck fans!

  6. If not for 2008, it’d be pretty easy to call KU the Gonzaga of the power 5.

  7. Same Ol Chickenhawks. They have never been able to play with tough East Coast teams. They must’ve thought they were playing another sorry lil 12 team at home. KU is a great Big 12 team but average at best NATIONALLY. There’s a reason KU never schedules preseason vs The Old Big East and now certain teams in the ACC. See ya Chickenhawks.

  8. Jerry M. Campbell II

    This was interesting, as Jay Wright created a masterful gameplan and it created a mess for Kansas. They went in at beginning of game and essentially took Perry Ellis away from Kansas. That’s GREAT game move.

    BUT, there are a few things that baffle me, and just deal with it, it’s not “against Kansas” or hating, it’s simply observation.
    A – all this talk about KU not having 1 player was apparently a myth, as that’s what we saw today.
    B – no one else stepped up to fill the void that Ellis left. YES some kids scored points, but no one stepped into Ellis’ role.
    C – possibly and with few potential exceptions the WORST halftime adjustments a coach has made on this level. Guys, this was bad, before 2nd begun, during interview Self smirked and noted they’d get ball to Ellis, but HE MADE NO ADJUSTMENTS. It appears that he did NOTHING or his players refused to listen, including Ellis. Other than the 1st few moments of 2nd half, after Ellis scored, he was lumbered, sulky with his expressions and not moving any differently than before. SO HUGE ZERO for SELF’s “HALFTIME” adjustments. So sad.

  9. How can Terry Wymer, listed as one of the ten worst referees in Division I basketball, be allowed to work a NCAA tournament game of this level? In the Villanova/Kansas game he made calls from the opposite side of the court and from behind the play. Every controversial call was made by him. He should be ban from post season referee work.

  10. Kansas fans blaming the refs are just blinded by their rage. If you’re going to talk about the refs, let’s talk about the phantom 4th foul that took Kris Jenkins out of the game with 13min left in the 2nd half – Or the multiple times Nova was called for a charge when the Kansas defender was still shuffling. It went both ways.

  11. Bill Self is a pussy who can only win meaningless Big 12 titles. His teams suck in the NCAA tournament and had it not been for Mario’s Miracle the Jayhawks would still be without a national championship since 1988. FIRE BILL SELF!!!!!!

  12. R Scott Grimes

    Predictible finish. Even as a Terps fan, I had Kansas prevailing over UMD, and dropping to VIllinova. The Big 12 is constantly overated. Kanasas is a good team year in and year out, but the conference is a far cry from the 90s early 00s, when there were teams that would actually challenge them. That a team has won (or tied) 12 straight Reg season titles is telling how weak the conference is. I did think UO was the better team most of the season. They obvious got the better draw in the number 1 seeds. There is no shame in losing to Nova though. Had Nova not lost to SH by 2, I think they woould have been flipped with Oregon for seedings, and we might be seeing VU or OU vs. KU in the Final Four instead.

  13. Jerry M. Campbell II

    Bigger than what I just noted, in terms of gameplay is BILL SELF. He did something last night that honestly gets you FIRED, point blank PERIOD. And I’m sure there are Kansas fans that’ll call for my head, but guys, THINK…I mean this NOT againt Kansas, but more “WHAT THE HEXX” what this guy doing.
    Bragg played 6 minutes, Traylor played 5 and SM played 7 minutes last night. Diallo didn’t play, Greene didn’t play, Mickelson didn’t play. a group of young men that normally account for 60 plus minutes per Kansas game got 18 (EIGHTEEN) minutes. A group that normally accounts for 22 ppg, 14 rebounds, 4 assists, 2 steals, 2 blocks were given 18 minutes, netting 1 assist and 1 steal as positive stats.

    Was Self DRUNK? Did he NOT SEE that in game adjustments and discussion wtih Seldon/Graham/Lucas/Mason/Ellis would have been GREAT?

    I’m sorry, I’ve never watched a game and walked away with a bigger WTF though than last night, as it was humiliating to see SELF refuse to use his bench to talk to his starters…and let’s just qualify, it’s NOT LIKE taking Ellis or Lucas OUT would have created a negative impact on game, a they did very little while they were in game. Ellis was GARBAGE, he apparently decided, IF he wasn’t going to score, he’d decline to rebound or pass ball to others, and instead just stand there. 5 boards and 1 assist. AND SELF didn’t take him OUT to get in his head.

    Sorry, it makes me wonder if Self sold out, and I half say that in jest, but this just seems weird to have a bench that had been SO productive ALL season. Oh, they got 33 minutes vs. Maryland, and in big games during season they regularly got 40 plus minutes.

    JUST WEIRD, as Coach Self lost this game due to his refusal to do what he’d done all season. KUDOS to Villanova for excellent gameplan and execution
    SHAME ON SELF, as for whatever reason you BLEW IT. You left Ellis in, even though he was not IN, and could have subbed several guys in to HELP Kansas.

    Maybe it’s time for Kansas to say BYE, as like I noted, this coaching job, on highest level deserved better attention than what Bill Self gave last night. HORRIBLE.

  14. First rule of game-planning: Take away the other team’s best player, and make the rest of the team beat you. If the others beat you, then you shake hands and congratulate them. Nova had the ‘wright’ plan. Kansas has only ‘itSelf’ to blame. Bill Self had no idea how to offset Nov’a defense on Ellis, except to stand there and watch his team hoist 3s. In the first half, Kansas had no points from Ellis, scored 1 total team point in eight minutes, and still trailed by less than ten. Nova was there to be had. Self had no other offense on his chalkboard? Your job as a coach is to adjust segment by segment. Does Self have assistants who are actually watching what Nova is up to? I don’t watch much Big XII ball, but I’ve always heard Self is like Calipari–a recruiter who lets the game go its own way once the jump ball is tossed. I think I believe that now. Aside from the full-court press after halftime, I saw nothing Self did that impacted the game.

  15. KU will always be an underachiever as the great bulk of people are satisfied with mediocrity. Bill Self doesn’t do more to raise the bar as he knows he’s safe. I got off his bandwagon years ago.

  16. Kansas is Given a 1 or 2 seed every year regardless if deserved or not. Playing in a cupcake conference they win every year shouldn’t be rewarded. KU is easily the most overrated program in the country. Sure they’ll probably win the Lil 12 the next 5 Seasons and so on but when March comes around they are always exposed unless they get a favorable match up. Considering the seed KU always gets they have drastically underacheived. One elite 8 appearance in 5 Seasons is pathetic with a 1 or 2 seed. Last year’s 2 seed was an outrage but was a joy to watch the team they are scared to schedule give them a BEATDOWN. See ya Chickenhawks. Until next season’s Overrated KU team.

  17. First of all bill self is not ku basketball ku basketball recruits itself bill selfs arrogance is the reason ku lost he can’t find no true pg to lead his team he has a lottery pick in diallo that he never even got off the bench in the tournament that could changed any game with his athleticsim he just let mason run wild like crazy with bad t.o all game hes not a motivator and that’s said by many of his past players his best player is graham who he should have move to the pg and take over when mason start thinking he’s Russell Westbrook it wouldn’t matter to me he he’s fired or not once again selfs is not ku and ku will have a better team next year soft ass Ellis and Traylor is leaving

  18. Harvey Butterfield

    Keep winning those Big 12 titles and conference tournaments, too bad Kansas can’t win the real title

  19. When Perry Ellis goes 1-5 from the field not because of stellar defense but rather your guards choose to ignore him then you deserve to lose.
    6-22 from the arch and 7-11 from the foul line. The officials did not cost them the game but rather they were schooled by a superior coached and desciplined team.

  20. Maybe next year Jayhawks. 🙁

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