Quadruple murder convict Kyle Flack faces the death penalty from Kansas jury

Kyle Flack faces the death penalty

Ottawa man faces death sentence.

Mass Appeal Wire Reports

OTTAWA — Kyle Flack’s days on earth could be numbered. On Thursday, a Kansas jury recommended the death penalty for Flack who was recently convicted of capital murder in the brutal deaths of Kaylie Bailey, 21, and her 18-month-old daughter Lana. Flack, 30, was also convicted of premeditated first-degree murder for killing Steven White, 31, and second-degree murder for taking the life of 30-year-old Andrew Stout. All four were murdered in Ottawa, Kan., on separate days near a rural farmhouse in spring of 2013.

Ottawa is roughly 50 miles southwest of Kansas City.

Prosecutors weren’t successful in finding a motive. The adult corpses were found at the farm while Lana’s body was found in a suitcase floating in a creek. For what it’s worth, Flack suffered a difficult childhood — highlighted by mental illness and sexual abuse.

He was reportedly raped by his stepfather at 8-years-old. “He didn`t choose any of that,” said defense attorney Timothy Frieden who made a passionate plea to the jury to spare Flack’s life. “And so what do you expect of someone who comes out like that? How`s he supposed to make any good choices?”

Flack would become the first to be executed in Kansas since 1965.


  1. not one thing that his lawyers claimed happened to him mitigates the cold blooded murder of 4 people over a period of days. he won’t even own up to it. he deserves the death penalty.

  2. He should suffer wildly before being put to death.

  3. Bristol's Baby Daddy

    I support executing Kansas people.

  4. May your evil corrupt soul rot in hell

  5. I heard Mexican drug dealers were involved. Either way this is still fucked up.

  6. He killed 3 adults and an infant. Still hard to believe someone could be this wicked and hateful. He deserves the death penalty.

  7. The gas chamber awaits.

  8. To hell with this cocksucker

  9. Thoughts & prayers go out to the victims and the family

  10. The burning flames of hell are waiting on him

  11. I would like to see this piece of shit rot behind bars forever.

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