‘Little Women: Atlanta’ renewed for Season No. 2 despite pregnancies

Little Women: Atlanta renewed for next season

Little Women ATL gets 2nd season.

Mass Appeal Wire Reports

ATLANTA — At least three members of the clique are knocked up, but that won’t stop the renewal of “Little Women: Atlanta.” Lifetime officials announced the return of the diminutive damsels for season two. What we’ve learned so far is that Ashley “Minnie” Ross is allegedly pregnant by rapper Pastor Troy, much to the chagrin of Ms. Juicy who’s still not convinced he’s the father. Pastor Troy, by the way, has doubts. During his brief appearance on the reunion show, the 38-year-old lyricist claimed he wanted a DNA test to prove he’s the dad.

If you recall, Emily Fernandez (a.k.a. Right Cheek) announced she was pregnant earlier in the season. She’s due sometime this Spring. And stripper Andrea Salinas (one of the Tiny Twins) shocked everybody when she announced she’s having her second child.

Word on the street claims Andrea’s boyfriend, Chris, abandoned her while she was pregnant with their son because “he wasn’t ready” to be a dad. Hopefully, he sticks around this time.

So, are you lookin’ forward to season two?

Is Minnie really pregnant?

Share your thoughts below.


  1. Who wants look up to Minnie when she has low self esteem and always crying and she’s a lier something wrong with her 

  2. The next lie Minnie is gonna tell is that she had a miscarriage.

  3. but he admits to hit that and other people she might be just don’t know who’s lol

  4. Nicole Williams

    I don’t think Minnie is pregnant, something about her I don’t trust, she seems sick, mentally?


  6. Pastor Troy must have low self esteem to fuck a midget. Hehehehe!

  7. I always wanted to sleep with a little person.

    They can give blow jobs without getting on their knees.

  8. midgets are soooooooooo fuckin sexy 😉

  9. luv this show!!!! cant wait

  10. juicy thinks everybody wants to be like her. smh

  11. Them bitches got some big asses — not sure I would fuck em tho

  12. this is the BEST REALITY TV SHOW on the air today 🙂

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