‘Bring It’ star Dianna Williams hopes pornographic past doesn’t ruin show

“Bring It” Reunion full of drama.

Big fireworks at ‘Bring It’ reunion.

Mass Appeal Wire Reports

JACKSON, Miss — Season three of Lifetime’s “Bring It” came to a dramatic close this weekend during the program’s “Spilling the Tea” reunion show in Jackson, Mississippi. Dancing Dolls honcho Dianna “Miss D” Williams, her rival coaches, the Dancing Dolls’ Parents (DDPs) and members of the Dancing Dolls got back together to spill the tea about their whirlwind season in addition to past and present issues surrounding the team. Veteran actress Vivica A. Fox handled hosting duties.

Emotions ran high when Miss D called out Divas of Olive Branch coach Neva for hitting below the belt by having her girls perform a skit mocking Miss D’s history as a teenage porn star. Neva offered an apology but Miss D wouldn’t accept. Instead, the 37-year-old choreographer threatened to air Neva’s dirty laundry.

Fearful that her pornographic past would someday catch up with her, Miss D contemplated walking away from the show prior to the season. “I originally said no because I felt like my past was going to hurt my kids,” she said. “But] after talking to the producers about my life and making decisions that could benefit somebody else and getting over it basically.”

“I prayed about it. I talked to my husband about it, who was aware when we started dating,” she added. “The girls know about my past. We’ve talked about it. They know about why I did what I did and why I felt like I needed to and what I should have done. I explain to them that I didn’t have the support system that they have.”

Miss D also mentioned being a victim of domestic violence.

Will her past ruin the show?

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  1. pineapple_coconut3768

    both coaches were out of line and should have been disqualified. their personal beef should’ve been dropped by now it’s the fourth or fifth season it’s time to squash it from both ends or don’t battle at all b/c it’s not that serious

  2. Wykeshia McCallister

    Neva got a a taste of her own medicine. Don’t start nothing if you can’t finish it. Now that Neva got dirt thrown by Ms. Karma, she wanna cry a play the victim!! Even though it’s wrong, but I like that routine because that’s what Neva for being an attention-getter instead of being a better example for her team.

  3. Both coaches went too far in this battle. Instead of dishing out their drama in the competition they should have just let the girls dance. They took away from their talent… To be honest all I saw in this battle was two grown women acting like children. Then Neva had the nerve to cry at the end as if she didn’t do anything wrong.

  4. Valerie Anderson

    diana shut neva down for good now maybe neva will quit getting up in Dianna face all the time if its not neva its wanna the other coaches picking i can’t stop laughing at how diana shut it down hahaha

  5. Jocelyn Yowell-Bryant

    Very very low for both teams. I was very disappointed in that stand. One day their back and forth has to stop or someone be the bigger woman.

  6. As U know Ms D & Neva can’t stand each other. What is worse Neva has always tried to come at Ms D, by bringing up the fact that Dianna at one time was a stripper.. I say so what look at Ms D has achieved!!

  7. Lol. Idc call Mrs D and Neva what you want, but this was funny. It may have been petty, childish, uncalled for and unnecessary, but these two have been going at it for years way before bring it! Just like with the purple diamonds, and the prancing Tigerettes. The “rivalry” is nothing new. I think it has went too far bc Neva & Dianna really don’t like each other in real life. This isn’t a narrative made by Lifetime, unlike some of the drama they’ve actually created on the show?☕️. They’ve been trying to one up each other since season 1. A lot of stuff that Neva has said and done to Mrs D she’s been called out on several times by Mrs D’s assistant. Lol. The only thing I have a problem with is them bringing the kids into their drama. Like, leave whatever beef y’all have with each other out of it and let the kids dance. The beef they have will trickle down onto the kids causing unnecessary drama amongst them & eventually the coaches will be to blame for that.

  8. neva is just jealous because she is a fat pig with no talent

  9. Miss D should’ve kicked Neva’s ass. She crossed the line.

  10. Briannah Sunde

    I hate this show

  11. Dianna got a big mouth….. she got what she deserved

  12. I think neva was wrong. She brought out miss d’s past. Miss d was a stripper but she did it to feed her family. She was a victim of domestic violence also. Gor neva to have the girls do that and the divas didn’t know what it meant, I was dissapointed in neva. Miss d’s stand everyone who watched that episode knew what neva did to the trophy. I believe neva was wrong.

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