Pop star Justin Bieber had Kansas City going bonkers at ‘Purpose Tour’ concert


Justin Bieber had KC fans going bonkers

Bieber-mania dazzles KC fans.

Mass Appeal Wire Reports

KANSAS CITY, Mo. — “Is it too late now to say sorry?” Pop star Justin Bieber had the ladies, both young and old, coming out in droves to watch him perform live in his highly-anticipated ‘Purpose Tour’ concert Wednesday night at Kansas City’s Sprint Center. The 22-year-old “Love Yourself” singer cancelled his meet and greet session because he was reportedly sick and tired of being ambushed by overzealous fans. “It was really depressing because you had a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, but now it`s taken away,” said Sophia Cherafat, who had meet and greet tickets.

The meet and greet disappointment, however, didn’t stop the ladies from toting homemade signs to show Mr. Bieber some love. “I think he`s amazing! And really attractive, and he has such a good voice,” said 9-year-old Penelope Tatum.

There were also a handful of disinterested dads and un-enthusiastic big brothers in attendance. “He`s a good singer, I can say that,” said Jayden McConnell, who brought his sisters to the show. “But not my kind of music to listen to though.”

Justin fell on stage while singing “Sorry.”

But he didn’t suffer any major injuries.

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  1. he is doing to much playback and why does he have to look like a homeless on his own tour … atleast have stage clothes man and ur hair ugh turned so ugly.

  2. LeesFIFACareer

    If I paid all this money to see him and he’s lipsyncing the entire time I’m gonna be furious

  3. He’s not lip syncing. He has always sang to a track. Ever pop artist does it. I mean ever single one.


  5. Madycel Salvacion

    Love from the Philippines. ?

  6. I Love Justin Bieber! ????

  7. It don’t matter what he is wearing, because he looks perfect???? And all of you can’t judges him about what he is wearing. It is his style. If you can’t cope with it then bye bye #Belieber4ever❤❤❤❤

  8. 100% percent sure he’s lip-syncing

  9. Nayapan “Really” Chaina

    coolest asshole in the planet

  10. this guy is the biggest dick on the planet

  11. What is he on? It would explain not wanting to meet fans, falling, hanging with Marilyn Manson, his “hair,” and so much more.

  12. Maria Andree Tobias Mombiela

    This tour has been a total fail lmao

  13. Justin stay off the meth

  14. why do little girls go crazy over this fake ass white boy?

  15. how can he fall so cute?

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