KCK convicts receive ‘Hard 25’ for attempted murder & robberies

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Dyron King/Courtesy of the Kansas City Star

KCK men get ‘Hard 25’ for robberies.

Mass Appeal Wire Reports

KANSAS CITY, Kan. — Cecil Meggerson and Dyron King, both recently convicted in a string of armed robberies in addition to the shooting of Wyandotte County Sheriff’s Deputy Scott Wood in March 2015, received what we in the hood call the “Hard 25” on Thursday which equates to life in prison without eligibility for parole until after a quarter of a century has passed. Even if they’re up for parole in 25 years, they’ll still have to serve another 37 ½ years behind bars for the robberies. Meggerson and King were both found guilty of attempted capital murder by a Wyandotte County jury back in February. Meggerson, 36, was found guilty on 9 of 10 charges. King, 25, was found guilty on 9 out of 11 charges.

Deputy Wood, who was shot seven times during the burglary at 7-Eleven, testified during the trial and again during sentencing. He’s expected to make a full recovery. Wood’s wife even took the stand where she tearfully testified how her husband’s shooting has affected their family.

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  1. Justice was finally served. Glad to hear the deputy will make a full recovery.

  2. When Black Lives Dont Matter

  3. these guys can forget it……. they are never getting out

  4. Where is the KKK when you need them?

  5. Carlos Montana

    DONt Drop the Soap Fellas! Hehehehehe!!!!!

  6. I wanted the death penalty for these 2 losers but the HARD 25 will do.

  7. Fight The Power

    Nothing pains me more than to see black men going to jail. But if you do the crime you gotta do the time.

  8. Just glad the deputy didnt get killed. God is good! 🙂

  9. rot behind bars fuckers

  10. They shouldve gave them the HARD 100

  11. Crimedotte finally did something right. Enjoy prison u bastards!

  12. Black MEN please stay outta jail….. that is not God’s plan

  13. If they shot a black man they would be out in 6 months

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