American Idol crowns country music star Trent Harmon as show’s final winner


American Idol crowns Trent Harmon the final winner

American Idol crowns its last.

Mass Appeal Wire Reports

LOS ANGELES — American Idol crowned its 15th and final winner on Thursday (April 7) and nobody gave a damn. Longtime host Ryan Seacrest announced Mississippi native Trent Harmon the victor of Fox’s once popular talent competition. The 25-year-old country singer beat out 22-year-old R&B songstress La’Porsha Renae — a struggling single mother who overcame domestic abuse to achieve stardom. Renae is also from Mississippi. After hearing his name called, a tearful Harmon tumbled to the stage before rising up to pay respect to his opponent.

“I know that I have a God-given ability, but I didn’t want to take it for granted,” said Harmon. “I wanted to work so, so hard, and [Renae] pushed me to do it.” Prior to trying out for Idol, Harmon waited tables at his family’s restaurant. His stage presence coupled with pliable vocals won over voters.

With the victory, Harmon received a recording contract with 19/Big Machine Records. Renae got a record deal too. Like Harmon, she’ll also join the Universal Music Group family — signing with 19/Big Machine/Motown Records, in partnership with Big Machine.

After a remarkable 15-year run, let’s close the book on Idol.

It was a great ride (sort of).


  1. This was probably the first Idol finale that I watched the whole way through. Obviously because it is the last season and I wanted to see the previous contestants come back and who they would be. Their were some great performances. My faves honestly were Pia Toscano, Jessica Sanchez and Carrie Underwood. Two powerhouse vocalists who have matured and sounded fantastic. Makes everyone wonder again why neither one of them one. Loved seeing Jordin Sparks come back, she’s my favorite winner. Colton is one of my faves, I actually was curious to see this shaved head of his. Well, his sides were shaved but he still had the signature mohawk. I kind’ve wished that all of the Season 12 top 5 girls would have come back. Would’ve loved to see Angie and maybe hear her perform You Set Me Free, which she despicably didn’t get the opportunity to do on the live shows. Sadly, she’s gone away from that type of music. But, I hope she finds her way back to it. Congrats to Trent, I loved that at the end he was trying to get the rest of the top 10 to sing with him. La’Porsha is great too, she will be just fine.

  2. Didn’t watch this season except for maybe 5 minutes. La’Porscha is a huge disappointment from what I have heard of her-she just doesn’t have a melodic tone to her voice; it leaves me totally flat. I’ll go back and listen to Trent sing Chandelier as apparently he kills that. Other than that, where was David Archuletta and just about the biggest voice ever to come out of American Idol-Adam Lambert? Did they both perform live and I missed them while channel surfing or what? The one alum that impressed the heck out of me and I had forgotten how well she can belt is Jessica Sanchez. Jessica Sanchez v La’Porscha..that’s what I am saying about her lack of melodic tone. Jessica just has it and no matter how much La’Porscha belts, she’ll never have that. I’m not a hater; I’m just totally unimpressed by her.

  3. This was great final of this show…It was great see alots of the American Idol’s singers that show up with great music for this show to listen to and It was great see other host that host with Ryan back then this show…Great moments of this show…It was great to see Simon and Randy and Paula once again. Congrats to Trent for winning…I hope to see Trent and La’Porsha do duet’s together someday down the road. Both are great marketing for music out there. Thank you American Idol for all the moment’s from 1 season to this year. Goodbye American Idol…

  4. I stopped watching the show about 5 years ago. It just got really bad. Then got interested in The Voice. Tonight I watched Idol to see who of the alumni and the judges from the past would show up. But once again, I was disappointed with the choice of winner. And now… no way I can watch that Miley Cyrus weirdo all next year on The Voice. Guess we’ll wait for a new show to come along. There is always one waiting in the wings.

  5. The American Idol, while it is based on talent, is also based on some level of “idolatry”. And that means that you have to have that “it” factor that attracts followers who are willing to hang on your every word and do what you want. Trent had a very good social media strategy, developing and maintaining his following. The fact that the demographic that votes is the 13-16 year old girls is already a plus in Trent’s column. In addition, his fans were willing to put their money where their mouths are. Trent’s song is #12 on iTunes today while LaPorsha is at #34. If you want your favorite to win, you must vote. It takes talent to get them to the top 10. After that, it’s popularity. Congrats to them both. They have beautiful voices and personalities. Hope they both succeed.

  6. Speechless! I actually watched American Idol for years and my daughter had her first birthday party as this theme in 2004. I actually stopped watching it after a really true talent that lost and his name was Joshua Ledet. He had me on the edge of my seat every single week until he lost for what? True talent that was not hidden and lost to somebody else that I didn’t even know of followed after that. I purposely watched it this evening to see who appeared over the year. It was a great finale. My treat tonight was seeing him again, Josuha Ledet and he still GOT IT! I stood up to my feet as I watched his 40 second moment tonight.

  7. American Idol music seems to dominate over the singers voices this last season and it seems to just be noise. They use to have real performances that were more enjoyable. I miss James Durbin and Caleb Johnson. I do like Phillip Phillips and Scotty McCreery. And yes, Jennifer Lopez looks so trashy in her performances. She is getting gross behaving like a porno queen. Congratulations to Trent and La’Porsha! They are great singing together with their unique voices! Keith Urban is always great to listen to.

  8. I thought the finale did an amazing job of highlighting the fact that many of the singers who failed to take the top spot were – are – still very talented. The showcase pieces and variety were excellent. I’m glad they did not spend too much time on the humorous segments or past judges. I missed Casey Abrams and Adam Lambert, and I think the band deserved more recognition.
    Trent deserved to win – he’s amazing – as is La’Porsha, who will certainly go on to success as well. Great ending to a show that had highs and lows over the years, but still brought us a whole lot of talent, far exceeding the “other” reality music offerings. And I will miss this blog as I always enjoyed Lyndsey’s take on the evenings!

  9. Finally America got it right. TRENT HARMON..American Idol Finalist of season15. Loved Trent all the way..My heart jumped for joy that he won.What a great talent. We needed this talent.What a voice. Good luck on your great career Trent. Great family Mon Dad and Sis so proud of you.You worked hard to climb the latter. Keep the Faith and clean life.

  10. this show sucked……….. good riddance

  11. Kentucky Fried

    There is no way in hell a black was gonna win the last idol…………. sorry 🙁

  12. LMAO this is why trump gonna win.. america stupid.

  13. everybody knew the white boy would win…….. thats why i stopped watching this racist show

  14. this show shouldve been cancelled 8 years ago

  15. So glad it’s over. American Idol is the most corrupt talent show of all time.

  16. Fuck this show. Wish I could piss on its grave.

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