‘That’s So Raven’ star Orlando Brown loses his mind in crazy music video

Disney stars Raven-Symoné, Orlando Brown and Anneliese van der Pol

‘That’s So Raven’ star flippin’ out.

Mass Appeal Wire Reports

LOS ANGELES — We may have reached the point where it’s time to provide counseling to Disney stars once they’ve attained adulthood. Donning a jacked-up turquoise hairdo, once-beloved “That’s So Raven” star Orlando Brown concocted an eerie music video called “Fuck My Fame!” — a production so lame it raises serious questions about the state of his mental health. Orlando, who played good boy Eddie Thomas on the popular Disney show, cusses out TMZ then appears to inject himself with heroin during the opening sequence.

The video also features dispiriting clips of Orlando smoking marijuana, guzzling alcohol and robbing a convenience store. As for the lyrics? Orlando calls himself the protégé of Golden Globe winner George Clooney. He even declares he’s running for president because he just purchased an elephant.

Not sure what’s wrong with Orlando but he’s had multiple run-ins with the law. He was arrested earlier this year on suspicion of battery, drug possession and resisting arrest. The “Fuck My Fame” video is merely the tip of the iceberg. Orlando has major issues and needs help.

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  1. takes a real nigga to understand this bullshit song

  2. branden mathieson

    Lmaoo why is this shit actually good?

  3. I fuck with the idea of him retaliating on the shit TMZ been saying, but at the same time, he basically pulling a Drake. childhood actor turning to a rapper / singer with good production because of the acting money. Whose subject matter is way harder than reality.

  4. not only does this shit go hard, but it also has a very unique sound and doesn’t sound like the generic shit most rappers are putting out nowadays. if this nigga wasn’t Eddie on “That’s So Raven,” people would take him seriously enough for him to be the next big thing.

  5. Kenelly Cineus

    there’s two characters on this video- broke Orlando brown and famous Orlando brown. the way I took it he is broke OB dreaming to be rich OB hints him going to sleep at the end. This is art your not supposed to get it on first sight. Mr Orlando please keep leaning on that direction hip-hop needs this.

  6. this is what happens when you use Obamacare

  7. I hope he become a famous rap star I remember watching bruh on tv keep going my nigga

  8. somebody give him a record deal if he don’t got one. he is good! God hasn’t abandoned him. keep it up Orlando.

  9. It wasn’t that great. Majority of the song he was just rhyming words with subjects that were so random that made no sense. Something about buying an elephant and Obama wtf cmon now lol how you go from fuck tmz to a stripper and your brother to juicy coochies then a 3 some wtf ????

  10. damn nigga………. stay off the drugs, take a shower, wear some decent clothes and maybe disney will give you a job


  12. the nigga actually has talent

  13. Where is Al Sharpton and Jesse jackson????

  14. fuck off loser…… nobody is feelin ur music

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