Transgender superstar Caitlyn Jenner learns to fake orgasms in sex class

Caitlyn and friends learn art of fakin’ orgasms

Caitlyn Jenner faking orgasms?

Mass Appeal Wire Reports

LOS ANGELES — Transgender superstar Caitlyn Jenner is already finding out what it takes to be a woman and that includes faking orgasms. In an upcoming episode of “I Am Cait,” the Olympic gold medalist provided an insider’s view of a gender-free orgasm class she took with her posse of bubbly transvestites. The class starts with the ladies pretending they’re in an orgy, which means a quartet of people or more. We’re also given a glimpse of Caitlyn’s orgasm face.

“Trans people are shy of their bodies,” said Kate Bornstein who stars on the show. “Nobody takes our hand and says, ‘Look, here’s a good way to have fun with the body you’ve got.”’ Can’t lie. Watching Caitlyn, 66, and her friends moan while sprawled out on the canvas is a little awkward to say the least.

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  1. This show is tough to watch. These are not women, these are “trans women” whose womanhood comes from taking hormones and who still have a p-nis. I liked when Kris came on this week and brought some realness, as funny as that sounds.

  2. When you think this trash couldn’t stoop any lower……..

  3. Just Kidding, Seriously

    My father died back in 1965. If he could only come back for a moment and see what the world has come to.

  4. Caitlyn please stop. Live your life in peace. This is total Crap.

  5. No matter what, Caitlyn can never iron out that rooster’s wattle (neck) or them wrinkled a $$ overdrawn razor thin lips ! Wrinkle wrinkle. Drink some STARCH, maybe it’ll iron them wrinkles out.

  6. Bruce! Suicide would be the right option.

  7. Next we gonna hear she took a dick sucking class. smh

  8. Better wear a condom before hittin that

  9. these creatures are so nasty

  10. Caitlyn how can u claim to be a woman when u dont have a pussy yet?????

  11. My Cousin Chip

    just another reason to hate gays

  12. I smell AIDS

  13. Caitlyn will u marry me?????

  14. i bet caitlyn’s pussy stinks

  15. All who insult these people don’t make anything look better. Let the Lord Jesus correct them for he has power/life and the Truth. Now, keep in mind i didn’t say islam/muslim, Buddha, politicians, hinduism, catholics, mormons, luthorens, orthodox, seventhday advent, the dead saints, nor spirituality. Only the Lord Jesus has the truth, the power, and the way to stop them. This perverted generation deserves the sign of JONAH!

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