Triple platinum Drake expected to stream “Views From the 6” on many platforms


Drake’s albums earn new platinum certifications

Drake’s new album streamin’ all over.

Mass Appeal Wire Reports

NEW YORK — We had a hunch Drake’s new album “Views From the 6” would become accessible on streaming services outside of Apple Music. We just didn’t know when… until now. Word on the street claims you only have to wait a week after the album’s initial release on April 29th before the tracks become available on other platforms. “Views From the 6,” however, will be exclusive to Apple Music for the first seven days or so. Speaking of albums, Drake’s three most recent solo projects have garnered new platinum certifications.

According to the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA), the Toronto native’s 2011 album “Take Care” has racked up more than $4 million in sales — easily his highest selling project. Drake’s 2013 album “Nothing Was The Same” which features the hit single “Started From The Bottom” is now triple platinum and we’re not done.

Drake’s 2015 mixtape “If You’re Reading This It’s Too Late” just hit double platinum.

Congrats Drizzy!


  1. Bruh, is this even legit? Could be fake.

  2. drake fucking sucks and is overrated

  3. Lies!!!! Numbers can be manipulated….full of shit!!!

  4. Drizzaveli just can not be stopped. Bring forth the hate! #DrakeIsLoveDrakeIsLife

  5. his own cheating those writing material for him at the ovo sweatshop and jacking beats and lyrics from other’s has exposed milli drizzavanilli as the biggest unoriginal bitch made pop singer since milli vanilli. he’s nothing more than a puppet performing songs written by others, between all the reference tracks he needs to teach him how to rap and the numerous beats and lyrics he has jacked from others he’s only a pop singing puppet appealing to 12 year old girls and ass eating cocksmokers like yourself ovoqueer. #THE 6FRAUD WITH VIEWS FROM A BITCH #DRAKEISFAKEDRAKEISWACK

  6. Hippy HendrixS

    Honestly might get my apple subscription renewed just for this album

  7. Drake the type of nigga to eat alphabet soup and choke on the D

  8. hope drake comes thru man, and everyone is satisfied not just the fans but new potential listeners, gonna buy a hard copy to support the man, worth the $ hopefully

  9. Can’t fuckin wait

  10. Ruthless Lover

    U haters can eat a dick………. Drizzy is the dopest artist of this generation

  11. drake is soooooooooooo cute — i wanna call him on his cell phone 🙂

  12. Somebody should tell Drizzy light skinned niggas aint in style no mo….. hahahaha!

  13. Drake is Really corny Not hating but he is kinda

  14. might be corny but the nigga is the hottest and the best in the game rn. so gotta deal with the corniness

  15. Drizzy is average at best

  16. adrian morales

    Views from the 6? sounds like a illuminati album to me

  17. What’s with the Fkn hate, you all niggas can listen to someone else if you don’t like it don’t be shady cunts and talk shit behind 6 gods back. The 6 for life ??

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