Snoop Dogg calls ex-California Governor Schwarzenegger a “racist piece of sh*t”

Arnold Schwarzenegger labeled racist by Snoop Dogg

Snoop Dogg cusses out the Terminator.

Mass Appeal Wire Reports

LOS ANGELES — A ticked off Snoop Dogg absolutely unloaded on former California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger on Monday night, calling the Terminator a “punk motherfucker” and a “racist piece of shit” in a video that’s gone viral. He also called Arnold a “bitch” and a “nigga.” The Doggfather’s profanity-laced tirade comes on the heels of Arnold’s controversial decision to release convicted manslaughter felon Esteban Nunez from prison 10 years early.

It was one of Arnold’s last acts as governor.

Here’s where cronyism comes into play. Esteban is the son of former California State Assembly speaker Fabian Nunez, a good friend of Arnold. So, why is Snoop pissed? Because, in 2005, Arnold refused to waive the execution of Snoop’s good friend Stanley “Tookie” Williams — the infamous squad leader of the Crips who died by lethal injection in San Quentin Prison.

Snoop is seeking revenge. “I can’t wait to catch you, … I’m going to confront you,” he said. “I hope he running with [Donald] Trump so we can knock both of you … off at the same time.”

Does Snoop have a legit beef?

Is the Terminator really racist?

Watch the video. Share your thoughts.


  1. TheRealCMPUNKFan

    I see where Snoop is coming from. That’s pretty fucked up.

  2. real talk…he never cared for justice…just his friends…these kinds of people should never be allowed in office…they should be prosecuted

  3. Fuck you nigger

  4. Snoop is my kinda nigga…… he dont bite hiz tongue and says whats on his mind.

  5. This is the funniest shit I seen in a long time. Still laughing. Love the part where he calls him a nigga. Too funny!

  6. Well I think Snoop does have a relevant point here. How ever colorful he presents his case. Arnold I’m told where’s a Nazi belt buckle all the time, and is racist. He said it himself in a magazine from years ago.

    Not to mention how flawed our justice system works. Political cronies gets breaks, while minorities get the maximum sentence allowed. How fair is that?

  7. Arnold a real bitch like Snoop said! Bitch!

  8. And the Biggest L goes to snoop dog/lying um sorry I mean lion, for being the oldest nigga in hip hop trying to stay relevant and failing to make music that’s in anyway good. time to hang up the Mike and start action in some shitty cop TV show, just like ice T and LL Fool J..

  9. Snoop is my hero. He threatened to knock off two political assholes [Arnold Schwarzenegger and Donald Trump] and got away with it.

  10. He should go to jail for threatening Schwarzenegger & Trump

  11. Fuck Snoop lion/dawg/sheep/ panda. This nigga gonna be the rogain guy for braids soon.

  12. damn snoop tell us how u really feel…. hahaha

  13. I hope Arnold terminates Snoop’s ass

  14. White power fuck niggers

  15. Is Snoop ever sober? Every time I see this guy he’s high as fuck.

  16. Hey what up my nigga we want America back. America will be great again when we get rid of all you niggas. You don’t want none of the man. You niggas want America to be one big ghetto. But the day coming when the white man play cowboy and Indians again. Guess who will play the Indians. So keep up the hate my nigga keep playing knock out game and selling weed and making porn. Niggas like you helping trump with every vote. 63% white. 13% black. YOU DO THE MATH.

  17. hey f*** you that Tookie m********* viciously murdered several people

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