Fox sportswriter Jason Whitlock says Kobe Bryant killed the Lakers franchise


Jason Whitlock slams Kobe on Colin Cowherd’s show

Jason Whitlock lambasted Kobe.

Mass Appeal Wire Reports

LOS ANGELES — Count corpulent Fox sportswriter Jason Whitlock among those unimpressed with Kobe Bryant’s Hall of Fame career. During Thursday’s special appearance on Colin Cowherd’s daytime sports talk show titled “The Herd,” Whitlock went postal on Kobe’s legacy — saying the Black Mamba’s “narcissism and selfishness” destroyed the Lakers franchise. “The Lakers are a laughingstock and just had the most embarrassing season we’ve pretty much ever seen an NBA team have,” Whitlock ranted. “And Jack Nicholson and everybody’s sitting at courtside celebrating this, standing ovation, and then we’re heaping on more fraudulence to the night.”

Whitlock, who used to work for the Kansas City Star, disagreed with Magic Johnson’s assessment that Kobe is the greatest Laker of all time. “No he’s not and Magic knows it,” said Whitlock. “Magic and Kareem are the greatest Lakers.” Whitlock also called Kobe’s last game “hot garbage” — a contest in which Kobe scored 60 meaningless points.

Whitlock even accused Kobe of running Shaq and Phil Jackson out of town.

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  1. Denise Williams

    I’m not a Kobe fan, but let it go. It was the guy’s last game ever of a 20 year career. Let him take shots. Let him have this moment. Hell Lebron gets round the clock coverage on ESPN when he scores a triple double in a regular season game. I think Kobe getting a big send off & praise is not that big of a deal

  2. Jason Whitlock and Wayne Hodges are the same person. Hahahaha!

  3. Jason Whitlock has never played a sport in his life, other than lifting a doughnut to his mouth! You blame him for the Lakers decisions not to bring Phil back, allowing Pau to walk for nothing; he didn’t un Shaq out of town. Shaq was unprofessional in his attempt to get an extension, and Buss did the right thing by signing Kobe. Why, because Kobe was cheaper and younger, duh!! Mr. Whitlock is a fool, doesn’t even name names of players during the era of his prime as to who was better than him, night in

  4. Whitlock played college football at Ball State dumbass.

  5. Was never a fan of Kobe, but last night was legendary. This dude Whitlock… looks like a fat slob with a mouth full of food, surrounded by food, and throwing food at the tv.
    Idiot picked the wrong day to hate.

  6. Jennifer Boykin

    oh baby you need Jesus. You are seriously out of your mind, but hey it’s your opinion, but dang…..I disagree with your statement about Kobe. let’s get it straight, he didn’t run Shaq out.

  7. Destroyed a franchise???? I mean…. Kobe won the game for them last night. And he won them 5 championships. Maybe Lebron, Chris Paul, Steve Nash, etc. are less selfish… but NONE of them will ever bring their franchises 5 championships in their career. In fact, combined they won’t win 5 championships. This fat slob is a pointless bag of shit. He can’t accomplish anything, so he attacks Kobe’s accomplishments. What garbage.

  8. This milk dud head ass dude clearly doesn’t understand what he’s talking about. Kobe has been known for shooting and scoring his entire career and everyone wanted him to do that same thing in his last game. Just like what people want to see from steph curry and the funny thing is that this guy is the type of dude to want to see the warriors shoot non-stop and apparently it’s a bad thing for Kobe. Plus, his team kept playing to him and feeding him the ball so clearly he isn’t playing selfish. This guy also didn’t do his homework that Kobe didnt run Shaq out and there was more to it than the Kobe problem #GetYourHeadOutYourAss

  9. Marshawn Lynchs Cleats

    It’s funny when fat niggas think something they themselves can’t do isn’t up to their standards lmao

  10. Karl Ximon Roy Brutas

    damn he talks trash to kobe? i think this man couldnt even reach his foot and talks trash to kobe?!?! shit

  11. Jason Fatlock is nothin but a porky piece of shit who envies Kobe’s athleticism

  12. this fat fuck hasnt seen his dick in 20 years and talkin shit. smh

  13. Jason Whitlock, for niggas that don’t know about him, is just a fat,
    angry, jealous, self-hatin ass black when convenient type nigga. Most
    of his writing is devil’s advocate waxing, usually taking the less
    popular viewpoint just for the sake of going against the grain, pissing
    people off, and reveling in being an antagonist. He’s most critical of
    the black athlete and is typically a house nigga that once in a blue
    moon will surprise the reader by actually not trashing his own kind.The
    Buss kids don’t know what the fuck they doin and that’s why the shit is
    a mess right now. Dwight Howard was a joke and never seemed like a fit
    at any time before or during his time as a Laker, bringing in old ass
    Steve Nash was a joke, they have no idea what they’re doing in Free
    Agency, you gotta go back more than a decade to find a draft pick that
    panned out into a star or consistently solid player for the team.. Nigga
    this is a business, and #24 kept asses in seats and merchandise selling
    even while the Lakers were a joke of a franchise. There’s a reason
    Kobe was kept and paid all that money – He alone makes the franchise
    exponentially more money than they pay him in salary. Fuck Whitlock and
    every jealous fat nigga like him.

  14. This fucking Hippo just wants some attention. He ain’t worth shit.

  15. InsidiousSwede

    Never like Kobe, never respected him but this wasn’t the time to talk about all of this. Let the man have his moment, and Whitlock, I still think your one of the smartest people in the media industry.

  16. Shut up fatso… go eat a salad

  17. Imperial Wizard

    Jason, please take it easy on the negros.
    You are too harsh.


    The KKK

  18. This hate on Kobe is ridiculous by this man. Everything he said as just trying too bring Kobe down like he always has. Why is this man even given a platform to spread his hatred toward one of the greatest basketball players to ever play the game. One day, this man will be judged on his hatred and unchristian like conduct. I pray for this man’s soul, because he is on the Broadway too hell. Get your life together Whitlck before it is too late. If you can’t say something nice and be truthful, than you need to be quite. I have no hatred for Whutlock just feel sorry that he has so much hate in him to ward Kobe Bryant!

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