ABC Newsman Gio Benitez got married at the historic Walton House in Miami

Gio Benitez and Tommy DiDario courtesy of Elena Bazini/Studio Two Weddings

ABC newsman Gio Benitez got hitched.

Mass Appeal Wire Reports

MIAMI — Who says good men are hard to find? ABC News correspondent Gio Benitez is officially a married man. His husband Tommy DiDario is a married man too. The happy couple got hitched Saturday afternoon in Miami at the historic Walton House, a private English-style cottage encircled by tropical gardens. An estimated 160 people — a combination of family and close friends — watched the lovely pair share a kiss after exchanging self-written vows. Tommy’s sister Megs officiated the ceremony.

“It’s so special to see how excited our friends and family have been about this wedding,” said Gio, 30. “It truly is a celebration of love – our own, and what love means in their own lives. We are so moved and humbled to celebrate together.”

Tommy, 30, expressed a similar sentiment. “The support and love our family and friends have shown throughout this journey have made the entire experience that much more special,” he said.

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  2. Congrats to two insanely handsome sexy men. They’re were made for each other. I hope they have many years of happiness together.

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  7. Some horrible comments here. Why are you all bothered by a gay couple? These are 2 people in love, yes, they are both men, scandal!! With all the crap in the world, I am thrilled these 2 found each other, adorable couple, can’t wait for the babies to come ♡♡

  8. What a ridiculous comment! Oh and guess what two men cannot create a baby together. Hence what is so unnatural about two men or two women being together. God created us so that man and woman are supposed to be together anything else is completely unnatural.

  9. You've Got To Be Kidding

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  11. Congratulations to Gio and Tommy!!! I want to wish you both lots of luck and happiness.

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