‘Purple Rain’ legend Prince dead at 57, cause of death still unknown

Purple Rain legend Prince dead at age 57

Purple Rain star Prince dead at 57.

Mass Appeal Wire Reports

PAISLEY PARK — Doves are crying today. In a shocking development, Grammy-winning artist Prince passed away on Thursday (April 21) roughly one week after being hospitalized for the flu after his plane was forced to make an emergency landing in Moline, Ill. He was 57. According to Carver County Sheriff Jim Olson, Prince was found unresponsive in an elevator inside his Paisley Park home and studio in Minneapolis. Medical personnel tried CPR but those attempts failed. He was pronounced dead around 10:00 AM. Coincidentally, Prince’s protégé, Vanity, died a few weeks ago.

Considered by many to be the most iconic entertainer in music history, Prince’s highly decorated career hit fever pitch during the introduction of his “Purple Rain” album in 1984 which was released in conjunction with the motion picture under the same moniker.

“Purple Rain,” by the way, was Prince’s first No. 1 album on the Billboard 200 — earning the singer two Grammy Awards and an Oscar. “Purple Rain” also beat out Michael Jackson’s “Thriller” for Favorite Pop/Rock Album at the 1985 American Music Awards, sparking debates over which artist was better.

Coroners did an autopsy on Prince but couldn’t find a cause of death.

His remains were cremated.

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  1. The doves are crying today. RIP, man.

  2. Prince and Michael J — the two greatest entertainers of all time — both dead. 🙁

  3. Still can’t believe this is true. I hope there are little red corvettes in heaven. RIP

  4. He was my favorite artist of all time. Gonna miss him. Love U Prince! 🙁

  5. Illuminati hit? Prince was not on their team anymore and broke free from them years ago and turned his life around. The truth can never be allowed out in the open

  6. A legend has passed and surely will be missed. Prince like Michael Jackson dedicated his life to the music industry. R.I.P. Prince.

  7. I feel like a part of my life is gone today. Saw Prince in concert, listened to almost every album and know the words to so many of his songs. He was in an elevator to reach the top but knew that could only exist in his passing. Best to his family and many of his fans who enjoyed listening to his timeless music “which will never be out of time.”

  8. I didn’t like everything he did,but I will say he was probably,if not the most talented musician that ever picked up an instrument,period. He could play 35 or so different instruments,all self taught! Never had a lesson….

  9. OMG! No way not Prince at 57! That is so sad. He will surely be missed by people all over the world. RIP Prince.

  10. Prince was waaaaaay better than Michael Jackson. Best shit that came out of the 80s, but not really radio friendly.

  11. Flu kills way more people than Mexican gangsters, Zika, marijuana, Ebola and Muslim terrorists combined.

  12. They do a intense autopsy and can’t find the cause of death that’s hogwash. He didn’t drop dead of old age there must be a cause of death. Organ failure drug over dose alcohol abuse some disease cancer you can tell be there is no cause of death. This is a conspiracy or was he murdered. Maybe he is not dead at all but another one of his mystery plots to pull one in the public either way something is not adding up here.

  13. I sense foul play. He must have pissed off the Illuminati.

  14. Homosexual Jesus

    i fcked a lot of niggas to prince songs, he was a legend and forever in my heart sweetheart. love you babe ⚰?

  15. Why does article leave out several trips to Walgreens, and what those visits were for? For Listerine? Doubt it. He was addicted to opiates, that much is clear and likely only to get worse. Why did he not get treatment? Why did others not do an intervention? Still today, the denial of the impact of opiates and drug abuse and addiction rules the day. Arrest the drug dealers, and the “friends” who supplied him as well as any doctors that illegally prescribed things for no medical reason.

  16. RIP my hero

  17. betty white is next

  18. Growing up in the 80’s, listening mainly to hard rock/metal, I sort of dismissed Prince as a “pop” star. Respected him, but was never into his music that much. As I grew older, and saw a few of his live performances and his guitar solos, my jaw dropped. I had no idea what a phenonimal guitarist he was. Seriously, i’d put him up there with Eddie Van Halen and Hendrix, the guy is that good, and many fans never realize it.
    I think the greatest thing about that guy, is how he covers so many genres of music. He could be a R&B performer one second, and a hard rock artist the next, and not miss a beat. Him and Freddie Mercury probably covered the greatest range of music genres that I can think of, and excel in each one. Prince will greatly be missed. RIP.


  20. This guy is the apitamie of an entertainer. He could play anything , sing, dance ,put on an amazing show and i loved his movies.This kind of talent doesn’t come along very often. I’m just an average white guy from a rural area and when I heard this It brought back so many memories of my youth I felt I have lost a friend.

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