Ex-Raiders QB JaMarcus Russell begs for another chance, will play for free


JaMarcus Russell begs NFL owners for a job

JaMarcus Russell begs NFL owners.

Mass Appeal Wire Reports

LOS ANGELES — Former Oakland Raiders quarterback JaMarcus Russell, arguably the biggest bust in NFL history, is so desperate to get back into the league he’s willing to play for free if given another chance. The former No. 1 overall pick in the 2007 NFL Draft hasn’t played since 2009. Russell, 30, was released by the team that drafted him, the Raiders, in 2010. “God makes things happen for a reason,” Russell said in a video for Sports Illustrated. “Who’s to say? You might see me back. You never know, man. You never know. … Whatever it is — I can be a water boy and work my way into a scout team. It doesn’t matter. I’ll go play for free.”

Russell, who struggled with weight issues, compiled a 7-18 record while completing 52.1 percent of his passes for 18 touchdowns and 23 interceptions. He finished with a terrible 65.2 passer rating. Russell has sent letters to several NFL teams, begging for an opportunity. So far, there’s been no takers.

“I am willing to lead the scout team for free for one year just to get experience in your system,” Russell wrote in a letter to Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones“I know that my name does not carry much weight in the NFL right now, but I am more than the image that others have bestowed on me. I’ve been labeled as a bust, I have been labeled as lazy and I have been the targets of many insults by the media.”

“The blame for any negative press that I’ve received rested squarely on my shoulders,” Russell added. “My tribulations have humbled me. I am a better man because of my struggles, and I simply desire an opportunity [to] redeem myself. I do not want my legacy to be a trail of unfulfilled dreams and missed opportunities.”

Does Russell deserve another chance?

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  1. Maybe he was just another victim of the SoCal #1 Pick Curse?
    Maybe he HAS grown-up and has a real determination to succeed?
    Maybe he learned how to read a D? (or read…period)
    Maybe this is the beginning of the greatest comeback ever?
    Maybe I have waaay too much time on my hands this morning? Thats it…

  2. I give him props for this. I think as he got older he figured it out that he messed up and is willing to beg to get back in the league. Sometimes that’s hard for people to do and especially pro athletes who have to put their pride behind them

  3. He’s 30, broke, and has no skills. I can’t blame him for putting it out there. He’s probably scared to death.

  4. Christian Holder

    What Russell really needs to focus on is getting familiar with the handling of mops, brooms, dust pans, plungers, and various other custodial implements.

  5. Steven Anacker

    I was going to make a joke about FREE still being too much to pay for him, but reading his comments, he sounds as though he’s matured and has a lot of regrets. I don’t think any NFL team should bite, but I wish Russell the best.

  6. He’s willing to play for nothing. And teams would most likely be getting what they paid for.

    But honestly, if the guy gets a shot and proves himself, I say good for him.

  7. There is nothing more pathetic than watching a grown man beg. Show some pride dude.

  8. Mr. Russell, stop dreaming and do what your people do best: lay around the house and collect food stamps.

  9. Ruthless Lover

    @Angry Bart: Suck my black dick

  10. There isn’t a NFL or CFL team that would touch this guy with a 20 foot pool, not even for a 3rd stringer. He had his chance and blew it big time! If he showed up for mandatory meetings, he would be late & sit in back of the room. He would never take notes, and would fall asleep snoring loudly a number of time. He could throw the bomb alright, (that got the late great Al Davis excited), but his accuracy was an other major issue. He couldn’t speak well, and didn’t take a leadership role with his teammates. He didn’t know how to talk with the media, well… because he couldn’t speak. Every lame-brained response with a mic in his face was a broken sentence, had a vocabulary of a first grader, and never consisted of more than 4-5 words.
    Shortly after he got his big sign-on bonus check, he was seen at a night club looking like Mr. drug dealing/pimp daddy money maker of the year. By the time the Raiders kicked his butt to the curb, he had blown his money and gained over 60 pounds!
    Maybe the loser can apply with pop-warner football, but I doubt they’ll want him.

  11. Look not everyone at any level is always a success story. I bet your Momma or Daddy said you would become something , or at least they hoped for it to happen, & it just dint work out. Or maybe they said you were a bum ., and your life turned out to be wonderful & successful. My point is who really friggen knows. Because he had a brilliant college career means little when entering the pro’s. Injuries, over rated, Media , that adds to this big Deal about drafting in the NFL … few men play in the NFL, so there has to be people that never make it. Does that mean they are losers because the cant play football ? I sure hope not

  12. MichaelEbonezer

    I’d take a flyer on this guy for the league minimum contract, no guarantees. Bring him to camp, put him in a few pre-season games, and see how he does. You have absolutely nothing to lose, and you might just find a back-up who can actually play, unlike most of the back-ups that are in the league now.

  13. whoever gives this bum a second chance should be fired immediately

  14. Broncos Will Repeat

    Chiefs should sign him……. he’s better than Alex “Check Down” Smith. Hahahahaa!

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