Cardell Hayes charged with the shooting death of former Saints star Will Smith

Will Smith’s alleged killer Cardell Hayes faces charges

Hayes charged with murder of NFL star.

Mass Appeal Wire Reports

NEW ORLEANS — The grand jury has spoken. After listening to a witness testify on his behalf, Cardell Hayes was nailed with a charge of second-degree murder in the April 9th shooting death of former New Orleans Saints defensive end Will Smith. He’s also facing a second-degree attempted murder charge involving the shooting of Smith’s wife, Racquel. Hayes’ bond was set at $1.75 million. The indictment was issued in the middle of a preliminary hearing on Thursday (April 28). After hearing the news, Hayes turned to his courtroom supporters and said, “Crazy, man.”

Hayes’ attorney, John Fuller, was visibly irritated over the indictment — accusing the district attorney’s office of involving the grand jury without his knowledge. The DA’s office, however, said that they notified Fuller of their intent to fulfill his petition to have Hayes corroborate before the grand jury.

Fuller says he hasn’t accepted the summons.

Hayes and Smith got caught up in a high-speed road rage incident following a fender bender on Magazine Street in New Orleans. The entire ordeal was captured on surveillance video. Following a heated exchange, Smith was shot seven times in the back (8 times total).

His wife Racquel suffered two gunshot wounds in the leg.

Fuller says Hayes was not the aggressor despite the fact he shot Smith multiple times in the back.

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  1. This ugly piece of excrement deserves the lethal injection. No if’s, and’s or but’s.

  2. “The coroner’s report said Smith was shot eight times, seven times in the back and once in the left side of his chest. Hayes’ lawyer John Fuller said that his client was not the aggressor in the incident.”

    I’m guessing Smith was staring him down with those eyes in the back of his head?

  3. just to let you know Hayes you and your street corner lawyer you have can both go to HELL you shot my cousin a woman how would like if some one shot your Ma and you killed her husband by shooting the man in the back coward #$%$ I hope they change the indictment to first degree murder I would love to be there and watch you die like you looked at Will die to see you take your last living breath you are trash you need to die letting you spend the rest of your life in prison would be to easy for your trash #$%$ let you feel the life in you come to and end the feeling of your last breath I am very bitter about what you did maybe your Pa deserve to die in the street like Will did I hope you rotten in Hell and your lawyer also defending a woman shooter and back shooter also god will see you get your issue trust in that low down TRASH RB

  4. I have not heard that black lives matter has protested this killing.

  5. Where’s Obama? Oh yeh, it’s only White House news if a black is killed by a white.

  6. Getting a Grand Jury to return an indictment is easier than making a ham sandwich. Unless of course you’re asking them to indict some punk cop who shoots and kills an unarmed motorist during a traffic stop then you end up with nothing….Otherwise it’s easy

  7. Where are the Black Lives Matter Folks Now? I guess they only matter when they have beat people up, robbed stores and attack someone who later defends themselves and use deadly force. ALL LIVES MATTER. The non aggressor shot a woman twice the her husband 8 times, SEVEN times in the back. No way to paint a pretty picture with this one.

  8. so will smith was the aggressor but was shot in the back 7 times? hayes must not have liked his twerkin

  9. The inmates will get jiggy with him soon enough.


  11. enjoy gettin butt fucked in prison loser

  12. This case proves that you simply can’t ban guns in this country. If Will Smith had a gun on his hand, he would have scared off his murderer and his death wouldn’t have happened.

  13. now mr. hayes will find out how it feels to take it from the back

  14. The bottom line is that two l\l!qg3rs with guns will be off the streets. One dead, the other in a cage where those animals belong…and I could not be happier.

  15. This guy is going to get his #$%$ beat down everyday in prison.

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