Vin Diesel & Michelle Rodriguez celebrate new “Fast 8” movie in Havana, Cuba

Vin Diesel celebrates Fast 8 in Havana, Cuba: Getty Images

Fast 8 scheduled for Spring 2017.

Mass Appeal Wire Reports

HAVANA, Cuba — Ready or not, another Fast and Furious movie is coming soon to a theater near you in spite of Vin Diesel’s comical “one last ride” comment that he seems to make in every sequel of the street-racing series. Directed by F. Gary Gray, “Fast 8” is being partially filmed in Havana, Cuba — making it the first major Hollywood movie to be shot there since 1959. On Thursday — with hundreds of spectators looking on — Diesel threw a celebratory fist in the air as he and Michelle Rodriguez cruised in a drop top convertible.

In addition to Diesel and Rodriguez, the eighth installment of the series will feature familiar faces in Dwayne “Rock” Johnson (Hobbs), Tyrese Gibson (Roman), Lucas Black (Sean), Chris “Ludacris” Bridges (Tej), Eva Mendes (Monica), Jason Statham (Deckard Shaw) and Kurt Russell (Mr. Nobody).

“Fast 8” is scheduled to hit theaters April 2017.

The 9th and 10th installments are coming in a few years.

Are you glad to see the series continue?

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  1. I have enjoyed some of the movies of the franchise, but other than the final homage to Paul Walker, 7 was far too cartoonish with the Rock becoming a superhero. Suspending belief and unbelievable are two different things. Hope 8 is good, but I am going to a matinee to pay the minimum price regardless.

  2. Something about a car flying through 2 different high rise buildings makes me wanna never see a #$%$ movie such as the fast n furious series. or when 2 people jump out of speeding cars and catch each other in mid air and land safely in another car. doesnt do it for me. BUT it seems the children like it.

  3. Proudhaterofdogs

    How could the boring concept of speeding in cars have so many sequels. I haven;t seen part 4 do you know how long ago that means they should’ve stopped? Only immature Mexicans keep this alive

  4. These losers still at it? Just imagine how many degenerate losers supported this franchise. Go figure.

  5. Who the hell cares? Seven sequels is seven too many. The studios will keep feeding us #$%$ if we keep eating it. And that’s exactly what happens each time a new sequel is released.

  6. Enough already!….I’ll pay mom rent this month and take out the garbage and repair my blow up doll if they stop making these horrible movies!…..After all I am 40 and it’s time!!!!Please make it STOP!

  7. this movie is gonna be the shit

  8. I stopped watching this series 3 movies ago…. enough is enough

  9. will paul walker be in it?

  10. How can any of these dumb%* feel good about doing the same movie over and over again. Guess they depend on the people with low iqs to keep on watching and watching this far fetched story. Hah ha

  11. waste of money

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