Embattled rookie Tyreek Hill defends privilege to wear a KC Chiefs jersey


Tyreek Hill talks domestic violence with media

Tyreek Hill speaks on domestic abuse.

Mass Appeal Wire Reports

KANSAS CITY, Mo. — Embattled rookie Tyreek Hill donned a Kansas City Chiefs jersey for the first time on Saturday (May 7) and he spent a good portion of his day defending his privilege to wear it. Hill met with the press during the first day of Chiefs mini-camp. Hill, if you recall, was dismissed from Oklahoma State less than two years ago after he allegedly punched and choked his pregnant girlfriend — sending her to the hospital. Hill pleaded guilty to domestic violence in 2014. He’s on probation until 2018.

When word got out that general manager John Dorsey drafted Hill in the 5th round of the NFL Draft, irate fans and media lit up the radio airwaves to vent disapproval. “I don’t blame nobody but myself. It’s my fault, it’s my mistake,” Hill said. “Can’t nobody live my life but me, so I’ve just got to deal with it.”

Chiefs head coach Andy Reid dealt with a similar situation with Michael Vick in Philadelphia. He assured fans that there’s nothing to worry about. Tyreek is on the straight and narrow now. “The young man’s trying to do the right thing with this. He’s seeing counselors,” he said.

“He’s trying to do the right things to better himself,” Reid added. “A lot of guys don’t try to right the wrong. I give the kid credit for doing that. He’s really working hard at that. The counseling was a big part of it. That step is huge, to actually admit you are wrong. A lot of people won’t do that. They just won’t go there.”

“I’m not much on the crystal ball [and] looking into the future,” Reid continued“We do enough homework where we feel he’s headed in the right direction and deserves a second chance.”

When asked about fan reaction and the backlash he’s received, Tyreek said he understands. “Those fans, they have a right to be mad at me because I did something wrong and I just let my emotions get the best of me and I shouldn’t have did it,” he explained. “They have every right to be mad. But you know what? I’m fixing it to come back and be a better man, a better citizen and let God do the rest.”

Does Hill deserve a second chance?

Should fans and media cut him some slack?

Share your thoughts below.


  1. He messed up one time in life, he was given probation by a judge after a plea agreement with a district attorney… Why are people outraged that the man was able to obtain a job? Why are these same people not outraged at the Judge and or D.A.? You can easily look up who both of them were… If you don’t think he deserves a second chance or a job then my question for you is should we just execute him? The man is trying to right a wrong and provide for his family.. Some of you want to deny him that, my question is why.

  2. As a Chief fan, I’m okay with choosing Hill in the 5th and giving him a shot. These statements show some grace on his part, and hopefully the Chiefs and Hill can have a productive relationship.

    But I hope he doesn’t really think “everything will take care of itself.” Nothing takes care of itself in these situations, people have to take care of themselves and the people around them. If he makes an effort to become a better man and better player, great–but he should understand that getting out from under a mistake like he made is similar to Sysiphus pushing that rock up a hill…it will take constant effort just to avoid getting crushed, and it will feel like an eternity.

  3. Shameful, Chefs. You just do not draft a bad person like that- especially in a time with much greater awareness about guys who get their kicks beating up women.

  4. Uhh am I the only one that looks at the pictures of this guy and see resemblance to Greg Hardy? Wen you look into their eyes it seems like there’s something missing, an emptiness in their eyes. There’s no remorse in their eyes, no remorse in their tones. They just wanna push their problems under the rug and collect their million dollar paychecks. I believe this case is way worse than Greg Hardy. Tyreek barely made it to the draft and is already getting in trouble for beating his pregnant girlfriend. I feel the Chiefs are gonna have some off the field problems with this coward.

  5. Chris Gam-o Williams

    And here come the self righteous white ppl, who’s history is littered with mistreatment of other races’ women and their own. Leaders in CDV cases are majority White Areas. Johnny Manziel gets a few chances, this guy deserves none tho.. SMH

  6. Whatever happened to second chances in life?? Wasn’t Ray Lewis involved in a murder?? Did we crucify him??

  7. Griffin Bliler

    Banning a guy for life is unreasonable. However, the punishments do need to be increased. First offense gets you 1 year, 2nd gets you 2 years, third gets you 4, and then on. Furthermore, any player indicted needs to be suspended indefinitely throughout his trial, and then the alloted suspension goes into effect upon the conclusion of either the trial or prison term, whichever comes last. Players must be sent the message that violence off the field will not be tolerated. Nobody is irreplaceable, and teams must recognize that, too.

  8. Sinclair Garvin

    World class speed (4.25 40-yard dash) gets Tyreek Hill a pass. And why is Tyreek Hill any different than Hardy? That’s far worst than Ray Rice, at least he and his girl friend were both drinking, but Rice wasn’t allowed a second chance in the NFL. This young man beats up and chokes his pregnant girl friend. I’m sorry, but Tyreek Hill should be in jail not being picked in the NFL draft.

  9. Tyreek Hill drafted by the Chiefs. What’s next, O.J. Simpson as the new running backs coach?

  10. Eddie Jerel Ainsworth

    I understand the outrage,but he’s gone through the judicial system. He’s in counseling and wasn’t drafted as high as some thought he would. Now,if i were him I’d start visiting Abuse Shelters,giving speeches to schools and pay double any Child Support ordered. After that i wouldn’t want to deal w/any females for a while or at least until my Anger Mngmt Counselor thought it was wise,but do we think that happen?

  11. the young man is paying his debt to society….. leave him alone

  12. sometimes u gotta lay yo pimp hand down

    stay up playa

  13. My oldest son who is 26 still has not said he was sorry for what he has done to anyone . Dropped out of high achool , no job,no car , no drivers license , no bike , does drugs , smokes, lives in a tent in the woods . So when this young man steps up and forward and takes ownership of his mistakes , that is a window to his heart , his actions. Wish my son could do that . In every loss there is a gain, as in every gain there is a loss, beneath the snow green grass grows . Waiting for my son to step up .

  14. Chris the Ruler

    he belongs at McDonald’s flippin burgers, not the NFL

  15. Andrew Zarillo

    Seems like he is trying to to do the right thing. He has manned up. Wish him well and hope he sticks to bettering himself. He deserves this shot because he at least takes the blame for his actions.

  16. Peter Jewusiak

    I’m cautious about being played by people pretending to be better when they’re not (and just mad they got caught and willing to recite lines fed by a publicist to get people to leave him alone). But if we deny the possibility that our worst moments can be overcome, we may as well just give the f*ck up on everybody, and euthanize hope in society in general. Hope he’s legit (and if there’s words indicating someone is, his are them).

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