Chiefs legends make 3rd and Long’s Celebrity Golf Classic a huge success


Wayne Hodges joins Eric Warfield’s team in celebrity golf classic

Chiefs legends take part in golf classic.

Mass Appeal Wire Reports

KANSAS CITY, Mo. — Tiger who? Yours truly got a chance to hit the greens on Monday (May 9) at Staley Farm’s Country Club to shoot a few holes of golf in the Annual Celebrity Golf Classic, a fundraiser for Derrick Thomas and Neil Smith’s 3rd and Long Foundation. Among those competing in the 4-man scramble were Kansas City Chiefs legends Eric Warfield, the aforementioned Smith, Eddie Kennison, Christian Okoye, Dante Hall, Marcus Spears and Shawn Barber. Thomas’ mother, Edith Morgan, was also in attendance. Thomas and Smith, if you recall, established 3rd and Long in 1990 with a promise to “sack illiteracy” in the lives of urban children.

Thomas, who was inducted into the NFL Hall of Fame in 2009, overcame his own struggles as a youth to become one of the greatest linebackers in league history. Smith’s road to the NFL was just as challenging. The former Nebraska All-American overcame dyslexia — a condition that hampers reading and learning skills — to become a two-time Super Bowl champion.

“I’ve always been the guy that wants to give back,” Smith said.

“So long as I can get a chance to save one person… that’s what it’s all about.”

See the photo gallery below.

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Hodges takes a group photo with Neil Smith, Eric Warfield and Chiefs cheerleaders

During registration, Hodges takes a snapshot with Kansas City Chiefs cheerleaders

Eric Warfield takes a trot on the greens after delivering a blast on the fourth hole

Hodges shares a smile and a big hug with Edith Morgan, Derrick Thomas’ mother

Eric Warfield finally catches up with DT’s mom Edith Morgan and Madeline Meeks

Mass Appeal photographer Glenda and Hodges enjoy a selfie inside their golf cart

After making it look easy on the first 5 holes, Eric Warfield squares up his shot on the 6th

Marcus Spears and Madeline Meeks

Former Chiefs lineman Marcus Spears shared a big hug with Madeline Meeks


  1. Who is the best Kansas City Chief of all time? Len Dawson, Derrick Thomas, Tony Gonzales, or Will Shields?

  2. That is a tough choice really. Derrick is right up there with the ones you named. But then since we are talking all time, how about the likes of a great linebacking corp of Lanier, Bell and Lynch. So many more to try and pick like Deron Cherry, Kevin Ross and Albert Lewis. Then there is Buck Buchanan or Emmit Thomas who now coaches the present Chiefs defensive backfield. to name just a few. But out of the list you give I would have to say Dawson because he has a Super Bowl ring.


    Imo Jamaal Charles is the best

  4. Dominick Campbell

    I liked Dante Hall too

  5. God D.T. was freaking amazing!

  6. I always loved watching him get around the corner. That brief moment when you’re wondering is he just gonna sack him, or is he gonna strip the ball too? With Neil Smith on the other corner, it just got better. I wish we could’ve gotten him a SB ring before he decided to leave us.

  7. thomas was a devastating linebacker. 7 sacks in one game will never be broken

  8. Derrick Thomas will always be among the top performers in league history, the type linebacker all coaches dream of, RIP

  9. I miss him man. He used to show up to the local boys and girls club all the time in downtown KC just messing around laughing racing with the kids. He was Kansas city sports at that time

  10. lovemuffin1963

    Will never forget that day when we heard the news my adult younger brother broke down in tears..Rip you are truly missed Derrick…

  11. When DT was on, with the exception of LT, Lambert and Butkus, there was no one who ever did it better. He could affect a game single-handedly and disrupt the offense on every level.

  12. just wish DT was alive to play in this golf classic….. RIP

  13. GREAT JOB FELLAS! Good 2 see 3rd & Long still going strong after all these years. RIP DT#58

  14. nobody rushed the QB like DT

    rest in peace

  15. Warfield, Spears, Chiefs legends????? Is Hodges on meth?????

  16. I had no idea 3 & Long has lasted this long. Started in 1990? Wow!

  17. Thank u Neil for keeping the foundation afloat! 🙂 🙂 🙂

  18. Nice to see the Chiefs give Derrick Thomas son Donnell Alexander a chance to make the team.

  19. @Smitty: Why don’t they have the same last name? That seems to happen a lot with African-Americans. Maybe due to 72% of black children being born to unwed parents. But a marriage certificate is just a piece of paper.

  20. Black kids never have the same last name as their fathers. Kinda sad actually. 🙁

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