Transgender teen Jazz Jennings receiving hateful messages just for being a girl

Transgender teen Jazz Jennings under attack

Transgender teen going through hell.

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LOS ANGELES — Trans teen Jazz Jennings wants you to know she’s a girl damn it! Even though she was born a boy. In an emotional promo for season two of the unscripted TLC series “I Am Jazz,” the 15-year-old reality TV star delivers an emotional address — claiming she’s experiencing more struggles than ever since coming out transgender at the elementary age of 6. The GLAAD Media award-winning series shows Jazz’s daily interaction with family and friends. She’s hoping her plea doesn’t fall upon deaf ears. “I am a girl,” Jazz tells the camera.

“I’m also transgender, and I don’t know what I’m going to face in the future.”

Jazz plans to release her memoir, Being Jazz: My Life as a (Transgender) Teen, through Random House on June 15 despite the fact she’s receiving disparaging messages at an alarming rate. “I want people to understand, the hate is real,” Jazz said.

“I Am Jazz” returns Wednesday night, June 8, at 9 p.m. CST.

Watch the emotional promo below.


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  2. Someone call C.P.S.! This kid needs therapy, and some parents who’ll actually try to help him, not nurse his delusions. And he certainly doesn’t need his own t.v. (freak)show!

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  4. You say “SHE” ITS a HE dumbass bitch you think it’s a inspiration for us no. Read the Bible it clearly says homosexuals will not inherit gods kingdom

  5. Gabrielle Hansen


  6. Fuck this kid. This kid thinks he’s a girl he’s a BOY!!!! That’s why God is to them all of those LGBT people in Armagedeon. I don’t understand how this kid thinks he’s a girl if he has a fukin Dick

  7. Gabrielle Hansen

    You jerk you don’t know anything about jazz SHE is an inspiration much more then you will ever be so how about you take your little mean comment and go away

  8. Mikayla Jimboy

    Don’t be mean to people you don’t know if you are a hater you are assholes and bitchs and haters out there hella stupid ????????????love you jazz I hope I could see you so I can give you a big hug and be friends

  9. Hate if u want but i bet jazz can suck a good dick

  10. Jazz is a boy, why do they want people to agree that he is a girl? He can pretend all he wants but to me he is a mentally ill BOY

  11. y’all are really some disrespectful ass people. Why is it hard for you to understand that all this young girl wants is the same respect everyone else gets. So what if she’s not perfect, no one is but at least she’s brave enough to tell the world her problems and who she is. She’s helping many people that have problems out. Are y’all hearts really that cold? if you didn’t like it why did u watch the video?. You can talk about her and wast your time and hate on someone you can never be, but at least she’s more of a successful person then any of you would ever be. To me she’s a beautiful caring person with a nice heart. My name is Tywaun Auston but call me (Ty) for short. I watched many of jazz shows and i began to understand how hard it is for her. i know i dont really know her but i would really love to support her.

  12. all I’m going to say is fuck all of you who hate her she didn’t like who she was and instead of the rest of us she did something about it she is 15 ffs so if you lot. have nothing better to do then pick on a 15 year old just for who she’s is good fucking luck in life you low life cunts

  13. that thing is not a girl


    You cannot claim to “identify” as female until you have gone thru 30+ years of monthly menstrual cycles usually with mind numbing cramps that have you doubled over and bleeding heavily for at least 3-4 days,and having to run to the resrtoom because when you stand up blood is pouring down your leg; have provided life for another human being, then gave birth and breast fed that child. You cannot “identify” being female until you have been diagnosed with breast cancer and or cervical cancer and had parts of your body surgical removed so you can survive. You cannot “identify” as female because you can never had to face the possibility of be raped by a male who is bigger and stronger than you. YOU ARE NOT A REAL FEMALE JARED, YOU ARE JUST A WANNABE WHO ACTUALLY ”THINKS” HE IS A FEMALE.

  15. Adrianna Buchanan

    I love you jazz I wish I could be as brave as you and I support you 100% your story moved me to tears

  16. Whats gonna happen when she kisses a boy and he ends up grabbing her nuts by accident?

  17. I am transitioning now jazz and your a big inspiration

  18. We love you jazz❤️❤️❤️ well support you no matter what

  19. transgender people are like roaches……. they are everywhere

  20. jazz is a beautiful young lady and i wish her the best! 🙂

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    lock it up in a male prison…HE will regret deciding hes a girl when the inmates get a hold of him

  22. I believe that 5 is too young for any child to know what is going on with their body. His parents had no right to take away his freedom in growing up and making his own choices. This isn’t between them and the world, this is between them and God, so hateful comments dont help the situation at all

  23. I would like to say first off people have the right to be who they want to be and also love whom ever makes them happy I would like to thank you Jaz for educating me about transegender people and allowing us to follow your journey through life as a transegender person

  24. I love how all the people the claim to “believe in god” that commented are obviously pieces of shit. Your “all loving church” is inhabited not by god or even “good” people but these hateful insects that crawl the earth judging and hating others that they may never even see. Good job dweebs im sure god is real fucking proud of you. Lmao get real and see ya in hell.

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