Win 25 free tickets to the action comedy “Nice Guys” starring Russell Crowe

Mass Appeal and Warner Bros giving away free tickets to Nice Guys

Get free tickets to ‘Nice Guys’ movie.

Mass Appeal Wire Reports

KANSAS CITY, Mo. — Here’s another ticket giveaway! The Mass Appeal Network, in conjunction with Warner Bros, is giving away 25 FREE TICKETS to the action-packed comedy “Nice Guys” starring Ryan Gosling and Russell Crowe. The advance screening will take place Monday night, May 16, at 7:30 PM at Cinemark Palace at the Plaza located at 526 Nichols Rd, Kansas City, Mo., 64112. Deadline to enter is Saturday, May 13. Each winner will be allowed to bring one guest.

To register for free tickets, simply CLICK HERE!

Directed by Shane Black, “Nice Guys” will take moviegoers inside the world of down-on-his-luck private eye Holland March (Gosling) who, with the assistance of hired enforcer Jackson Healy (Crowe), uncovers a conspiracy while investigating the apparent suicide of a fading porn star in 70s LA.

Again, to register for free tickets, CLICK HERE!

See you at the movies!


  1. Holy cow. When did Russell Crowe become John Goodman

  2. Russell has a developed a taste for muffins.

  3. I’m starting to get really tired of superheroes movies every month wish there were more of this feel good comedy….

  4. professorchaosX94

    fuck I thought that was John Goodman not Russell crowe at first. thinking john lost a lot of weight but no, Russell gained a lot.

  5. Kimberly Whitney Perez

    Dude this looks like a good movie

  6. Meditation Vacation

    This looks brilliant, shane black is one of the masters behind the camera, brought us all lots of great movies. looking forward tot the new predator film, hopefully somewhere down the line I hope there is a lethal weapon 5……..Do it, just one more time shane! :)

  7. Im gettin Lethal Weapon, KKBB, meets Big Lebowski vibe here

  8. lmao i have never seen these 2 in an outright comedy, this looks fun

  9. yuuuup Im watching that

  10. I’m so hyped for this RYAN GOSLING GET IT BITCHES!

  11. Please oh Please be different from the mounds of crap coming out of Hollywood these days. It’s got potential…

  12. I never watch movies.. I haven’t been to a movie theatre even once for about 1 full year but I think I actually want to go see this. It just seems like they really developed the characters.. Instead of people just acting like a normal everyday person with a story plot, it seemed like they worked on this one. And plus, it has an older 80s/90s vibe to it. I’m interested!

  13. Reminds me of the big lebowski

  14. this movie is makin my dick hard

  15. Looks like the best WB movie of 2016, can’t wait

  16. True. This movie iz da shiznit.

  17. Tomas Canevaro

    why does every movie ryan gosling stars in have an 80’s feel to it

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