Death Row rap stars got screwed out of millions of dollars in bankruptcy case

Death Row founders Suge Knight and Dr. Dre screwed in bankruptcy

Death Row stars screwed in court.

Mass Appeal Wire Reports

LOS ANGELES — It took forever. But Death Row’s bankruptcy has been finalized and, according to legal documents, a few big name artists got screwed out of millions. Co-founder Dr. Dre, Snoop Dogg and the estates of deceased artists Nate Dogg and Tupac Shakur filed claims against the west coast record company seeking millions in owed remuneration. However, none of them will receive a dime. The only ones cashing in are the lawyers working the case and the estate of Tupac’s mom, Afeni, which was awarded a measly $75,000.

Here’s the breakdown: Snoop got hosed out of $2 million. Dre took a loss of $8 million. Nate got ganked out of $5 million. And Tupac got screwed out of $900,000. Co-founder Suge Knight told the court he was owed a whopping $144 million. As for the lawyers? They got a grand total of $8.3 million.

Death Row was founded in 1991 by Suge, the D.O.C. and Dre.

At one point, the company raked in $100 million per year.

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  1. Michael Jacksons Kitty

    Where’s George Zimmerman
    When You Need Him?

  2. Every time I hear about Death Row I think how did Fat Albert aka Suge end up running these boys lives like this? What a bunch of chumps

  3. When Dre left Death Row he told Suge to keep everything (money, royalties, etc) so he could have a peace of mind. So why the fuck is he asking for $8 million?

  4. Freaking awesome!!!
    F– Compton

  5. Dr. Dre is the richest man in music. That ish is chump change to him.

  6. White lawyers stealing from black artists. The model still works.

  7. That’s pocket change to Dre…lol…his house cost more than 8 million…hahahaha!

  8. 900k for 2pac only?!?he made them 10″s of millions. long live TUPAC thug life for life!!!!!!

  9. Ghost of Eric Wright

    Motherfuck Dre
    Motherfuck Snoop
    Motherfuck Death Row
    Yo, and here comes my left blow

    – Eazy E

  10. who gives a fuck about these low life wannabe gangstas

  11. When Dre quit and started his own company it hurt Death Row

  12. Dre leaving didn’t hurt Death Row. 2pac dying did

  13. I agree. Death Row wasnt shit without 2Pac.

  14. who cares?

  15. What happens when ghettos psychopaths learn to RAP and get lots of $$$? This.

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