A&E docuseries ‘Born This Way’ arguably greatest reality television show ever

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‘Born This Way’ is even better in season two.

Viewers are lovin’ Born This Way #2.

Mass Appeal Wire Reports

LOS ANGELES — Earlier this year, Arts and Entertainment officials made viewers happy by announcing the renewal of “Born This Way” which premieres this summer. In case you’ve been living under a rock, “Born This Way” is a reality TV show that chronicles the daily struggles of seven young people — Elena, Megan, Steven, Sean, Rachel, Cristina and John — who are living with Down syndrome.

It’s widely considered the best reality TV show ever.

The A&E docuseries is produced by the Bunim-Murray Productions company in partnership with Best Buddies International, a nonprofit 501 (c) organization that raises awareness and creates opportunities for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities.

Word on the street claims “Born This Way” was close to extinction until network officials received a moving response from an eager viewing audience that includes people living with disabilities, their families and friends, along with people who have no involvement with the congenital disorder.

“Born This Way” will be honored at this year’s Emmys.

Are you excited about season two?

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  1. GREAT SHOW!!!

    Bring on Season 2!!!


  3. Shake your booty booty!! 🙂 lol i love him too

  4. Isabel Martinez

    I’m so happy that A&E is doing this show it will teach many people how smart these guys are tears of joy are running down my face as I type I am a step parent to a teen with downs he is a very special boy that has a pure heart full of love

  5. I agree, it seems that most people feel like they aren’t very intelligent , clever, or , creative. However from watching this show it’s abundantly clear that all of them are definitely intelligent, very clever, and creative. I’m amazed at how advanced they are in regards to emotional intelligence. They seem to have a higher emotional intellect than most folks without Down syndrome. I’m amazed by Megan’s drive to be an entrepreneur and Johns drive to be a rapper. Wow they aren’t joking and put the effort in. The one thing I feel that they need to be taught is how to deal with strangers and to not be so naive and trusting because unfortunately there are many criminals who wouldn’t bat an eye when given the opportunity to take advantage of one of them in some way or another.

  6. violetskye1234

    Good show, however…when are they going to feature Steven. We’ve seen the others, but Steven only gets a few minutes each episode and it’s usually with others. I find him interesting as he has mosaic d.s. and I don’t know why they put him in the show if A&E keeps showing the ones over and over each week that we’ve already seen. Basically know nothing about Steven at this point. Come on A&E, get with it.

  7. ?❤️?❤️ I absolutely love this show… It shows it just because we have a disability of some sort or another that we’re not different… Like a lot of people might think who have never met a disabled person… This show does a good job of showing that different isn’t really all that different… I don’t know a lot a lot about intellectual disabilities but I got to say… I love all the people on this program… You’re not all stereotyped… And it just shows them is being well just as much a part of society is anybody else… I hope that this show will educate a lot of people and show that we’re all alike in that we’re humans and have all the same dreams and hopes and disappointments and everything else that anybody else would have

  8. Andrew Rodgers

    i have a brother that is the same way they will make you laugh and smile no matter what and john keep dropping them beats homie

  9. John is better than 90% of today’s rappers. Hahahaha!

  10. They need to make a show starring people with autism!

  11. ChillaGorilla™

    Keep living your dream reach for the stars…Don’t let anyone tell you you can’t do it just because you have a disability Keep dreaming and keep reaching and you can make your dreams come true.

  12. Mrs. F.V. PETERS

    love this show they are a trip. it makes u look at things a different way

  13. ???”shake that booty booty,shake that booty booty”??? I like this song?

  14. Richard Antipuna

    John, you inspire a lot of people, all of the cast members do. Thank you all, society needs your show, keep it going!

  15. I wanna meet John soo bad. He is soo cute ?❤

  16. These “young people” are defying the odds and I love it.

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