‘Hotline Bling’ rapper Drake delivers ‘slam dunk’ appearance on The Tonight Show


Drake joins Jimmy Fallon on ‘The Tonight Show’

Drake takes Jimmy Fallon to the hoop.

Mass Appeal Wire Reports

NEW YORK — He’s got game. Drake, 29, delivered a slam dunk effort Thursday night while playing “Faceketball” with talk show host Jimmy Fallon during ‘The Tonight Show.’ Fallon is certainly no stranger to modifying the game. If you recall, he and Taylor Lautner once went to war in the boombox-heaving “Random Object Shootout.” This time Fallon recruited Drake to compete in a few rounds of his “Faceketball” which requires both players to use their own foreheads as basketball hoops.

The victory, according to Fallon’s rules, goes to the first person to score three baskets. The flimsy hoops, however, made the game more competitive than it should’ve been. For instance, Drake drilled his first shot but damn near knocked the hoop off Fallon’s head with his second.

Meanwhile, Fallon registered his first basket on an emphatic slam. But he felt so bad about it, he told Drake to return the favor and the “Hotline Bling” rapper happily obliged.

Watch the game and share your thoughts.


  1. Steph Curry is probably shaking in his little golden boots. Hahahaha!

  2. Drake done gone and went SHAQ on his ass, breaking the basket

  3. Drakes laugh is just too funny oh my Lord ????

  4. I want to see what happens when Drake and Steph Curry shake hands.. ancient scrolls suggest that 2 light skin Gods shall never unite otherwise it will spark a chain of apocalyptic events.

  5. Damn he laugh like how i laugh to my boss when im tryna get a raise

  6. Damn drake back at it again with the rich white man laugh haha

  7. Drake’s laugh is faker than my girlfriends orgasm. Oh wait i dont have a girlfriend. Ok

  8. Fucking douchebag the way drake acts now— his fake ass laugh he tryina be hood

  9. Omg his laugh tho?? For some odd reason, I like his laugh.

  10. Why do blacks always feel the need to act fake in front of white folks?

  11. Childish shit I ever seen !

  12. Drake is the type of niga to sleep with pillows between his leggs

  13. Jordan Rollolazo

    drake the type of nigga to eat alphabet soup and choke on the D

  14. Drake is the whitest black man I ever seen

  15. drake you don’t have to fake laugh so hard buddy it’s all good just relax

  16. The comments on this board are so mean. smh

  17. Drizzy is da shit fuck u haters

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