“Mike & Molly” co-stars Melissa McCarthy and Billy Gardell bid farewell on finale

Mike and Molly signs off after 6 funny seasons

Mike ‘n Molly bid farewell on finale.

Mass Appeal Wire Reports

STUDIO CITY, Cali — Even though she remains thick ‘n sexy, actress Melissa McCarthy lost too much damn weight. Now “Mike & Molly” is toast. The popular CBS sitcom that featured a morbidly obese couple sharing love wrapped up its sixth and final season Monday night (May 16) — and series co-star Billy Gardell promised that viewers will “laugh, have some happy tears and be happy with the finale.” And, boy, was he right. Gardell, 46 — who plays Chicago police officer Mike Biggs opposite McCarthy’s Molly Flynn — believes the show could’ve lasted at least a couple more years (had McCarthy not lost weight). Nevertheless, he remains grateful for the opportunity.

“It’s right up there with the best of sitcoms. And I’m so glad we made it to that rare fraternity of syndication, which I think we deserved,” said Gardell. “I believe our work stands … and that ‘Mike & Molly’ is a sitcom that’s timeless, has a little bit of heart and a little bit of funny.”

“Honestly, I think it was cut short — I think the show could have gone another solid two years — but those aren’t decisions I get to make,” Gardell continued. “It changed my life financially, as an actor and as a standup. The gift of ‘Mike & Molly’ was that I went from playing 200-seat rooms to 2,000-seat theaters.”

“I really can’t whine about anything, to be honest,” Gardell added.

CBS officials blamed the show’s demise on McCarthy’s weight loss.

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  1. SushiLover1990

    Going to miss mike and molly

  2. she lost a lot of weight ??

  3. willow works 1314

    @MikeandMolly I can’t bear that Mike and Molly is being cancelled !!!!!! I’ve love love this show. all ALL my friends watch this WTF CBS really @CBS PLEASE reconsider

  4. caribbeanpatchouli

    Mike and Molly is the best comedy TV show. I can’t believe it’s over.

  5. Size of the Boat

    I would give anything to have Melissa Mac sit on my face

  6. Gonna miss this show!!!! 🙁 🙁 🙁

  7. I loved the ending when they finally got their adopted baby, and sort of felt that she was pregnant when she said she had butterflies in her stomach while waiting for the baby’s arrival and I’m happy she announced her pregnancy at the end. Good luck to all, and thank you for the laughs

  8. It’s a Damn Shame they canceled Mike and Molly!!! What a Great Show… After a LOOOONG Day I ust wanted to relax and get a good laugh on… I likes how Mike & Carl would play off of one another, it was kinda like the Honeymooners show. And Who couldn’t of Not loved Nana?? Even Vince was great!!! The Show may of not of had the highest ratings for the Studio Execs… But it was a Much Better Show than most… I mean Cancel M&M and keep a show like Two Broke Morons on?? I guess that shows targeted audience is the
    12-15 yrs old teenage boys…

  9. I was disappointed with the finale. I was so predictable and had the same story line as 2 other sitcoms. It was a great show and the writers should have written a better ending than lame ending! BOO!

  10. I first saw Melissa McCarthy in a movie with Ryan Reynolds called “The Nines,” which she was wonderful in and was a believable romantic interest of Reynolds (yes, I know, but she was). I was very disappointed in “Mike & Molly” because it seemed to go down the easy sleazy comic road too often which seemed to be a great misuse of a talented cast (at first I hated Katy Mixon but somewhere along the line she introduced some sweetness and insight into her character that so easily could have drifted into the drug addled sex addict trope that seemed to be the direction she was first pushed into). I hope to see the cast in better projects in the future. I don’t understand why the awful and coarse “Two Broke Girls” is still on, but I won’t watch them….maybe I’ll watch “Mike & Molly” in reruns instead and pick out those little moments of possibility.

  11. I liked Melissa McCarthy better when she was fat

  12. Miss this show already 🙁

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