Rangers’ Rougned Odor has no regrets after punching Jose Bautista in the jaw

Rougned Odor punches Jose Bautista in the jaw

Rougned Odor said he has no regrets.

Mass Appeal Wire Reports

ARLINGTON, Texas — Roughly 24 hours after landing the punch heard around baseball, Texas Rangers second baseman Rougned Odor said he has no regrets for knocking the hell out of Toronto Blue Jays slugger Jose Bautista on Sunday. Odor, 22, claims he was merely protecting himself, albeit in Mike Tyson-esque fashion. “I can tell when someone is coming hard to second base, so I was just trying to protect myself,” said Odor who landed a vicious right hook to Bautista’s jaw, sparking a bench-clearing brawl.

When asked if he regretted what transpired, he said, “No.” There’s obviously a lot of bad blood between these two teams and everybody knows why. In game 5 of last year’s ALDS between Toronto and Texas, Bautista unhurled a bat flip after crushing a three-run homer in the 7th inning.

It’s probably safe to assume the Rangers didn’t forget.

Eight players total were ejected from Sunday’s game.

Odor received an 8-game suspension.

“It certainly wasn’t pretty, and I hate seeing that stuff,” said MLB chief baseball officer Joe Torre. Despite his actions, Odor said he respects Bautista because he “plays hard.” Now it’s time to move on. “I think it’s over. It’s in the past,” Odor said through a translator.

Do you think it’s over?

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  1. I wouldn’t regret it either thats what happens when you run your mouth like a toughguy to somebody who ready to go lol

  2. Maybe Bautista should bat flip some more lol

  3. My goodness odor must have been trying to take his head off with that extremely low throw. I didn’t originally notice it but man if he lets that ball go a little lower bautista might really have needed facial surgery. Crazy

  4. Edward B Taylor

    What about crminal charges? Professional athletes want the same work rights as the average working stiff. (i.e-free agency) If you or I hit someone at work we would be fired and probably arrested!

  5. Bautista has been wanting the crap knocked out of him for years. He finally got it.

  6. If your gonna start to raise your right hand and make it appear like you yourself are going to throw the punch, I have no sympathy if that player gets hit, because in odor’s mind he literally just beat him to the punch. Don’t talk about it be about it. Bautista should have swung first if he wanted a different result.´╗┐

  7. odor sucker punched his ass

  8. I don”t care what the reason was bat flip, hit by pitch, dirty slide the bottom line is these teams don’t like each other and it boiled over Sunday. Bautista got knocked silly and the only thing that kept him up was Beltre. I keep seeing this and obviously many of you have never been in a fight so to clarify a sucker punch is when you hit someone when they’re not looking at you and don’t see it coming. Bautista and Odor pushed each other and were squared up and Bautista started to raise his hands and Odor hit him with the best punch ever thrown in a baseball brawl…… Not a sucker punch!

  9. It was a clean ass punch, but they’re still mad cuz they choked last year smh. He can land punches but can’t help them win in the playoffs´╗┐

  10. “You got knocked the FUCK OUT!”

    –Smokey from Friday

  11. Odor did the right thing, Bautista tried to end his season and maybe his career….. I would have hit Bautista too.

  12. bautista had this coming since last year. I’m glad Odor finally took care of business for him and his team.

  13. Give Bautista credit for not falling down after getting punched like that

  14. Call me sick but I found joy in watching Bautista get his ass kicked. Hehehehehe!

  15. Bautista, what does a knuckle sandwich taste like??? Hehehehe!

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