2016 Billboard Awards: Madonna delivers memorable tribute to ex-lover Prince


Stevie Wonder and Madonna showed Prince some love/Film Magic

Madonna ‘n Stevie paid special tribute.

Mass Appeal Wire Reports

LAS VEGAS — The 2016 Billboard Music Awards, hosted by Ludacris and Ciara, was absolutely off the chain Sunday night. Held annually since 1989, the renowned popularity contest spouted several highlights. But none were bigger than Madonna’s impassioned tribute to collaborative artist and ex-lover Prince who died unexpectedly from unknown causes. Madonna, by the way, looked incredible. The 57-year-old singer donned a sparkly, paisley-print purple ensemble with a ruffled blouse. She even sat on a purple throne to the tune of Prince’s “Let’s Go Crazy.”

After Madonna performed “Nothing Compares 2 U,” Stevie Wonder joined her onstage to close out the recital with a special rendition of “Purple Rain.” Many in the crowd at the T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas rose to their feet to sing along, including both Rihanna and the Weeknd.

“Thank you, thank you so much, ladies and gentlemen,” Madonna told the audience. “And most of all, thank you, Prince Rogers Nelson, for all that you have given us. Thank you. Good night.”

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  1. while madonna’s heart was in the right place the performance was terrible. i realize there are time constraints when it comes to these shows but they need to plan better if they are going to perform a tribute.

  2. I disagree … I would say she did the best she could, however BBMA should have told her this task was to great for her to handle alone. BBMA has stated Madonna contacted them to request to do his tribute. They should have taken a better leadership role and laid out so guideline. BBMA bare a lot of the responsibility for this failure ..

  3. The BMAs should be embarrassed. I can’t even believe they called that a tribute.

  4. I was hoping the performance would have been longer and with more songs… But what they did was beautiful. I was nervous about Madonna performing but she was actually very tasteful and dos a great job.

  5. I was nervous wondering how Madonna would live up to expectations, but I was relieved when I saw her performance. She sounded just fine, hitting all the notes, and performed a heartfelt, if reserved tribute. She wanted the performance to focus on Prince. She succeeded. Haters hate on.

  6. Just a HORRIBLE performance! What is up w her tight plastic face??

  7. Madonna a hot mess and piss poor tribute to Prince. Dreadful performance. Couldn’t get any worse. Madonna was DRUNK. She was pitchy, and her the entire performance was super boring. She just lost
    her crown as the queen of pop.

  8. that tribute was so shitty and then dragged poor Stevie Wonder on stage Madonna was terrible vocal and performance wise but great showmanship tho

  9. I just don’t understand why ya’ll are so surprised anybody who has been around knows that Madonna could never hold a tune. The woman has literally based her whole career off of controversy, and her crazy outfits! Really people!

  10. Typical illuminati BS from Madonna again. High Priestess throne, purple clothes (REV 17:4), freemason staircase too. She gets it all in there despite just singing. These artists are pushing the devil every chance they can.

  11. the tribute was a mess don’t worry BET will take over…why the fuck did it seem like we were mourning his death instead of celebrating his music? n 2 songs really, her ass can’t sing and prince said in the interview he didn’t appreciate her ass so I don’t get why it could’ve been just sheila e, stevie wonder, larry Graham, chaka khan like why his Close friend associates

  12. She could barely carry a tune for 30 years and then they entrusted her to do a tribute for the greatest musician of our lifetime. Go figure

  13. The most embarrassing tribute ever….. Prince is turning over in his grave.

  14. Celine or Pink should of did the honors…They’re real singers. Pop singers should make there bubble gum music then hide. Madonna voice was as flat as Texas! and Stevie now days sound like a Trash Can.

  15. Her voice sounds like shit but she’s still sexy

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