‘Orange Is The New Black’ star Danielle Brooks is making it big on Broadway


Danielle Brooks splitting time between two jobs/Film Magic.

Danielle works two jobs with no sleep.

Mass Appeal Wire Reports

NEW YORK — “Mirror, Mirror on the wall…” Danielle Brooks got the close-up she was looking for while attending the 72nd Annual Theatre World Awards on Monday in New York.  A stout graduate of Julliard, Danielle is currently splitting time between two jobs. In addition to her role as Tasha “Taystee” Jefferson on the popular Netflix series “Orange Is The New Black,” the 26-year-old actress also portrays Sofia in the hit Broadway musical “The Color Purple” for which she’s received a Tony nomination.

Word on the street claims Danielle is only getting four hours of sleep. That’s right. She works a grueling 4 a.m. to midnight schedule. After finding out she was nominated, Danielle immediately Facetimed Joaquina Kalukango, who was busy performing The Color Purple’s title song on the Today show.

Joaquina and the rest of the cast responded with a congratulatory message shortly after. “I was crying so hard,” said Danielle who shared a tearful snapshot with fans on Instagram. “They told me, ‘You should not put that picture up!’ But I keep it real so I didn’t care.”

Congrats Danielle!!!


  1. myrna singleton

    I want oh so bad to see this show. My favorite book/movie now on stage with voices of gold. I can scream just thinking about it.

  2. If someone gave me a free ticket to this show, I’d be the happiest person in the world! and then Ill be dead before i even go to NYC because I died out of over excitement hahaha

  3. Danielle Brooks ❤️❤️❤️ I love her in Orange is the New Black!

  4. This show is so captivating and evokes emotion like nothing else. Every person who’s contributed to its creation has outdone themselves!

  5. This has sooo much more substance to it.. YOu really get the love story of Shug and Celie… The new interpretation of Im here being more an ANTHEM that shes no longer going to be ANYONES side piece, beating stick, or anyones anything.. Shes going to be JUST HER…

  6. oh my god. i am so proud of her, i love her so much. i need to see this asap!! so much love for this book

  7. Go ‘head, Danielle! I’m so happy for you. I saw The Color Purple when it came to my city. I WISH I could see it on Broadway. You guys are KILLIN it!! ❤️

  8. Beyond proud of this amazing woman for getting nominated for a Tony ?

  9. I love my women thick, black and sexy

  10. Too bad she’s gay

  11. Warren Williams


  12. Congrats Danielle! It must be so hard being a blacktress on Broadway.

  13. Cleopatra Anthony

    Damn she is so talented!

  14. U GO GYRL!!!!!

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