NBA star Bryce Dejean-Jones shot dead in Dallas after invading stranger’s privacy


Bryce Dejean-Jones shot dead in stranger’s apartment.

NBA star shot dead over huge mistake.

Mass Appeal Wire Reports

DALLAS — Fellas, the next time you find yourself livid at your lady, sober up, take a deep breath then count to three to prevent yourself from doing something fatally imbecilic. New Orleans Pelicans star Bryce Dejean-Jones was shot to death around 3:30 a.m. Saturday morning in Dallas after he mistakenly kicked in the front door to the wrong apartment. Dejean-Jones, who was in town to celebrate his daughter’s first birthday, thought he was kicking in the door to his girlfriend’s 4th floor apartment.

Instead, the 23-year-old baller invaded the privacy of a stranger on the 3rd floor who had no problem poppin’ a cap in his ass. After suffering multiple gunshot wounds, Dejean-Jones stumbled into the breezeway where he eventually collapsed. He was later pronounced dead at an area hospital.

“There is no information that suggests the deceased Bryce Dejean-Jones knew the apartment resident, or was armed as he entered the apartment,” said police spokesman DeMarquis Black.

Dejean-Jones had it all.

Youth, good looks and a multi-million dollar future.

Yet, he lost everything over a lapse in judgment.

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  1. If he did break into a person’s home, in the middle of the night, and he was shot by the resident, then so be it. A person has to have the right to defend himself and family in his own home. Until the matter is investigated completely I will hold judgment, but it sounds like the young man made a very ill-advised mistake that cost him his life.

  2. A long time ago, a girlfriend of mine once said, “There is p—-y around every corner. Why you guys drive yourself crazy over one specific piece of p—y is beyond me.” I was shocked at how blunt and raw her words were. However, all of us should remember those words.

  3. Erod A Rodriguez

    This is what cuts careers and lives short. Dumb mistakes like that. His kids will never understand what the hell their dad was doing. Seriously, Really

  4. Craig Liebscher

    I will go out on a not so long limb and guess he was either drunk.. . drugged up . or both. Once again folks. . nothing good happens out in the streets at 3:30am. He acted like a jerk. . . was supposedly breaking into what he thought was an estranged girlfriend’s apartment. . so he was breaking the law. . . and who knows what he would have done if he broke into her apartment. He is dead because of his stupid ignorant actions. . not those of anybody else. Had he broke into my home. . . he would have gotten the same reception. . except he would have been shot about 6 times. Now the NBA and the Pelicans need to refrain from glorifying this man. . .and use him as an example of what NOT to do. The loss of a life is sad . . but when a person acts like a thug . . breaking into the residence of someone else. . and kicks on the door of the bedroom. . . . well. .you reap what you sow. I commend the resident for standing up and defending themselves.

  5. Tucker Peterson

    If he was breaking in then this is a non-story and self defense. That being said, this dude may have walked into the apartment, scared the resident, resident shot him, then kicked the doors in himself building his self defense. Who knows.

    All I know is a little girl lost her Dad and at the end of the day, she lost more than anyone.

  6. Crystal Alexander

    My condolences to Bryce Dejean-Jones family and child. This whole incident could have been avoided if the apartment resident had simply answered the door or at least let Bryce know he had the wrong apartment number! I mean, come on, if someone is pounding on the door, all one has to do is respond to it with a verbal warning. A gun seems a bit OVER the top for a wrong apartment number. Why couldn’t the person just say, “Buddy! You have the wrong place!” Jeez. Could have saved a life and spared Bryce’s family and child a lifetime of poverty and or grief and loss of a parent, father, child, etc

  7. Steve Fernandes

    Good riddance. Kicking in a door at 3 am, even if it was the “right place”, doesn’t lead to anything good.

  8. There’s a lot of fishy things with this story… Watch the Obama Administration get involved In this. But, I wonder….was Dejean-Jones under the influence or something? Why would you not pick up the phone and call her let her know you are there so she could help you figure out where to go. And then there is the whole issue of him busting down the door. If he wasn’t intoxicated, did he just feel entitled that he could just go around busting up doors? Was he having problems with his girlfriend and that’s why he didn’t bother calling her beforehand? Or was he just a jerk who had every intention of hurting his mother of his child and got more then he bargained for? Like I said lot of fishy things about this. No doubt more information will be cpming out soon.

  9. sad but don’t feel sorry for him. you break into somebody’s home… get what comes…

  10. Black men are naturally violent. This story doesnt surprise me.

  11. Samuel Manghane

    I’d like to ask a few questions if I may. 1) If he’s “kicking in doors” what exactly was his intent that night? 2) Was alchohol involved? 3) Did this guy use a cell phone to reach the child’s mother? 4) What the child’s mother have to say about all of this? I don’t want to hear this turn into a gun control issue or a race issue. I want to know the facts, because in my opinion and experience, “kicking in doors” means something is about to go down, and it’s not going to be talking. And as a native of Texas, I know better than to kick in a door there. The outcome doesn’t surprise me. I don’t want to demonize this guy without having all the facts, but I’m not going to lift him up in sainthood either. Seems like the young man truly made a fatal mistake.

  12. If someone breaks in my door the same thing may happen to that person also.

  13. If only heaven had a D-League..

  14. Over a bitch. Smh. Leave these hoes alone and get money

  15. Dont break in people houses or apartments. His ex never wanted him in her place what makes you think youll get away going in some one else. I Would have done the same if a 6 foot black guy violently kicked my door in. I have no idea what his intentions are, hell he might even think I was the one screwing his girl.

  16. Even if he had entered the right apartment and kicked down the door, the reaction to shoot him was warranted… Because even if it was his girlfriends apartment, if she felt threatened for her life after he kicked down a door, she would have been justified in shooting him. I never want to speak ill of the dead and we all make foolish mistakes, but you have to draw the line at making someone feel as if their life is in danger

  17. Stop getting emotional over these hoes,just get a newer better looking one like a car!

  18. because of stupid black bitch. well hoe, your meal ticket just went in the grave. enjoy your welfare

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