Justin Bieber takes gangsta swig to help Hamilton celebrate Formula One title

Justin Bieber helps Lewis Hamilton celebrate/WireImage.

Justin Bieber helps Hamilton celebrate.

Mass Appeal Wire Reports

MONACO — Justin Bieber is more than an ambassador of popular music. He’s also a big fan of auto racing. Justin, 22, was quick to offer his congratulations to British Formula One racer and good friend Lewis Hamilton for taking the grand prize at the 74th annual Monaco Formula One Grand Prix on Sunday. The Biebs even stayed to help Lewis celebrate. Wearing a Pearl Jam t-shirt, Justin took a swig of champagne before posting a congratulatory message on Twitter that reads: “Congrats to my brother @LewisHamilton on an amazing victory.”

Justin’s cameo at Sunday’s Formula One race comes just 24 hours after he drove little girls crazy by showing off his tattooed-body in a pair of Calvins on Instagram, posing half-nude in underwear while grabbing his crotch. The “Sorry” singer, however, is a spokesperson for Calvin Klein.

So he was merely doing his job… we think.

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  1. Nothing to be proud of: two stars in slow decline….Ricciardio should have won (due to a suspicious time overlap during his tires change), Hamilton made a mistake that should have directly disqualify him from the final. Nico Rosberg (direct competition/currently overturning Hamilton) has been winning the first 4 grand prix this year with some scandaleous mistakes/negligences from Hamilton which cost him the Chinese grand prix (disqualified) a reckless accident that left Rosberg and his cars’s smashed in spain (Niki Lauda even went as far as calling him ‘stupid’ hamilton). Hamilton NEEDED to win, this was a bought out race and what other place than Monaco : a bought out too!

  2. James Máistreacht

    Am i the only person who wants to punch Bieber in the face?

  3. No, my friend. No you are not.

  4. jayne and Rob byatt

    wow it amazes me,2 overpaid celebrities hanging around,and it’s something amazing,aren’t people sick to the back teeth of celebrities yet,or is everyone numb to it now,one sings.or tries to,the other drives a car outstanding news,

  5. Says it all really that they’re friends with each other. The mutual admiration society.

  6. Outstanding aggressive driving from Hamilton… He was outstanding on the circuit..

  7. Hamilton cheated in this race, seems like no one took notice to the fact he corner cut whilst Ricciardo was in the pits

  8. Hamilton has joined the ranks of the absurd !!

  9. Anybody who’s a friend of Justin Bieber is mentally ill

  10. Another big reason to hate hamilton.

  11. Did they fuck each other afterwards?

  12. My King JB ???

  13. JB is a waste of sperm

  14. Fuck U haters…………. Bieber is so cute 🙂

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