Rev. Run’s daughter Angela Simmons got ‘knocked up’ by thuggish convicted felon

Angela Simmons pregnant with her first child

Rev. Run’s baby girl is happily pregnant?

Mass Appeal Wire Reports

NEW YORK — You know what they say about preachers’ daughters… and it’s usually true. Reality TV star Angela Simmons, the offspring of Run-D.M.C’s Rev. Run, is knocked up. The 28-year-old fashionista made the big announcement on Instagram Friday. Angela is also recently engaged. This will be her first child. “We are overjoyed and super excited to receive a blessing this big,” Angela captioned on Instagram along with a photo of her growing baby bump.

“Starting a family was something that I could have only dreamed of.”

Speaking of engaged, last month Angela shared an image of her sparkly diamond ring on Instagram with the caption: “YES!! I couldn’t be more excited. This is only something I could of only dreamed of. I’m over the moon and feeling so blessed to be able to share my life with the one I truly love.”

“Everything happened in the most perfect way.”

Angela is engaged to convicted felon Sutton Tennyson, 35.

Did she make a mistake in getting pregnant?

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  1. Now she pregnant by this clown. what a Major L didn’t they learn anything from their aunt Kimora Lee?

  2. lol Convicted felons need love, too. Shesh.

  3. Dominique Clark

    preachers daughter, that bih been out there fucking with ain’t shit niggas

  4. what the hell? is she nuts

  5. Black chicks have poor taste in men…….. they will fuck anybody and get pregnant

  6. All that money and the good breeding cannot prevent certain sisters to be stupid as fuck. Why date, marry out off your zone ? I really hope this is a rumor or a gimmick.

  7. Another African-American woman impregnated by a thug…… nothing new here

  8. Just proves that preachers daughters aint shit

  9. What is wrong with her?!!! Honey, no!!

  10. black bitches luv bum nighaz

  11. This debate about whether black women love thugs/jailbirds was a debate already won by men like me years ago. But this should finally put any remaining doubt to rest.

    It makes me want to slap the hell out of the next tramp who tries to deny what is happening in front of our own eyes. As if we aren’t seeing what we know we are seeing.

    Educated, gentlemanly black men– date non-black women if you can.

    If true…this story shows that black women (most) have a serious mental disease.

  12. Lamar mcmillian

    Why do these whores love jailbirds?

  13. Typical bad decision maker who 1 year from now will be on a reality tv show bashing her baby daddy with black women applauding her blunder in judgement.

  14. I was so hoping she would wait until marriage before she decided to have sex since I heard claims she was a virgin.

  15. I’m not happy for her she marrying a damn felon

  16. Wow really jail bird felon calling her name’s the disrespectful comments it’s a crying shame the baby will be loved and well taken care of no matter who his father is all y’all need Jesus and worry about y’all own daughter’s and sisters having babies by jail birds and felon’s on the low some of y’all are felon’s!!!!!! I’m super happy for them another one of God’s creations

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