Seahawks star Russell Wilson and Ciara spend Memorial Day at the ballpark

Russell Wilson and Ciara sleepless in Seattle/Associated Press

Russell and Ciara straight kickin’ it.

Mass Appeal Wire Reports

SEATTLE — “Welcome to my house!” Seattle Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson and his fiancée, Ciara, enjoyed a little fun under the sun while watching the hometown Seattle Mariners face off against the San Diego Padres on Memorial Day. The happy couple shared a few laughs in the stands while donning matching camouflage baseball caps. Roughly 24 hours earlier, the lovebirds spent time with Ciara’s 2-year-old son, Future Jr., on a beach in Cabo. The presumptive family of three went swimming, ate some ice cream then called it the day.

After dating for a year, Russell and Ciara announced their engagement in March 2016. The “1, 2 Step” singer is the former girlfriend of rapper Future, the father of her son. Since breaking up in 2014, Ciara and Future have been at each other’s throats over a big difference of opinion in parenting styles.

Future is not a fan of Russell spending so much time with his son.

Does he have a legit beef?

Is Ciara a good mom?

Share your thoughts below.


  1. Sharon Carmello

    Lol future is a joke. Just like every typical fuckboy that realises too late. Ciara looks so happy finally, with the man of her dreams who loves her son the same way he loves her. Future is clearly upset by this because he isn’t able to play ‘good guy’ to his son who will grow up to know what type of scum his father was to his mother.

  2. who gives the fuck what he thinks, don’t he have like a gang of kids and baby mommas. Worry about them. I’m sure your kid will be just fine after all you wouldn’t be thinking about them if she didn’t come up in her relationship. I proud of her for not taking your bullshit. She’s a role model for all single mothers who assholes left them with a kid.

  3. Well that’s a black woman for you. Russell is put in a hard position here though. I mean what is he supposed to do ignore the boy? Ciara looks very class less here knowing that cameras would be around. It’s very shameful of her.

  4. Ehm that’s a black woman for you? Oh lord.. that’s exactly what the world needs, another self hating ass fool. Ciara did nothing wrong, she is allowed to live her life. If russell truly loves her, he is bound to love the kid as well and plenty of love never killed any baby. It’s not like he is some thug of the street, he is good guy who will set a great example for that Kid. If Future wasn’t so bitter he would actually see that. Guys like Future want to go around impregnating women and never fully committing, but unlike his other baby mamas she is independent and isn’t waiting on him to come back. She even said that she tried to get future to meet up with Russell so he can get to know him but he refused. So immature!! he can’t even make it work for the sake of his child, instead he goes online bashing her and calling her a bitch?
    Yet he wants respect… lol he will never get it, Ciara is a wonderful full time caring parent. What right does he have to attack her as parent when he never stepped up? You and him need to have several seats please.

  5. Self-hating? Lady, I love me some me. As poor as your comment was, some things you stated are very fair and go without saying. Sure Russell will love the kid but that’s not because of his love for Ciara. He will love the kid for his own relationship with him. Russell is a little wrong here but not much because he cannot ignore the boy but Russell is just a boyfriend of a woman that has a child. For Ciara to put him in this position is very unbecoming and disrespectful. Hell, its just tacky. Put the shoe on the other foot. If a woman’s child is being paraded around by the father and his new woman as a family then how would you feel?

  6. Come on!! If future is out of the picture, why is he so concerned the way she lives her independent life. I mean wouldn’t her husband or husband to be, her future children dad help her in her daily basis? should Russel just ignore her when clearly she needs his help. Part of making a marriage work so you are there for kids and waking with them or there there willand if not don’t be so concerned with who your ex is with and how they’re living unless there is child endangerment or bad parenting. You look so desperate, stupid and weak. It’s obvious that she let you go and don’t wanna let go?lol…
    What a shame as I smfh

  7. I’m a die hard Wilson fan, awesome guy. But seeing him go with Ciara kinda made me think a little. Maybe he’s not as it seems lol think about it. What kind of woman would have a child with a rapper who does a shit ton of drugs and lives on lean? How can you come out smelling like roses being stupid enough to have a kid with future. Don’t get me wrong I’m definitely a fan of his too but let’s be realistic here. Ciara ain’t no saint lol

  8. When yo boy falls for a HOE. As long as she don’t leave his ass too broken to play football, I be fine. Man watch this bitch walk away with all his money after 6 months. Look at all dem niggas she was with before Russ. What quality women would date shady niggas like 50, Pow Wow, and have a little nigga with Future. Oh Russell you dumb nigga

  9. I don’t get Future. He got 4 or 5 other baby mommas and shit. If he don’t want Russell to be around his son then he shouldn’t have left Ciara, point blank. I mean my mom and my dad had a divorce when I was three, and now she’s married to my step dad for 10 years now. I remembered being hurt when I found out that my mom and dad wasn’t together anymore but I’m glad it did happened because my step dad has done more for me than my real father. my real father respect him because he know he couldn’t take care of me the way he could have.

  10. future has about 5 baby mama’s, no one said anything about that. future cheated on ciara and left her with a baby, no one said anything about that. as soon as ciara finds a new man worthy of her time and is prepared to take on the responsibility of helping her raise her son from another man, now everybody wants to bash ciara. why is that? it’s because Ciara is a woman and it’s easier to ridicule the woman than it is the man.

  11. SuperBigblue19

    Sperm donor and father seem to mean the same thing to Future.

  12. FUTURE STFU! You have 4 BABY MAMAS ! Your just mad bc Cici upgraded ! And your not as good of a partner and father ..go take care of your other kids hypocritical bastard 

  13. Russell Wilson = Cap n Save-A-Ho

  14. Bethsaida Romelus

    lol Russel Wilson is Future’s son new father. I wonder if Russel spends more time with that kid than future. Russel is a good guy so I wouldn’t mind having my kids around him.

  15. Russell could do so much better.

    His self esteem must be low.

  16. Meaghan Yhalia Battle

    This niqqa Future got like 10 kids. Chill. I’m sure one of his other baby mommas is getting dicked down right now watching this shit giggling. ???

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