Sexy middle school teacher busted after gettin’ pregnant by 13-year-old student

Alexandria Vera got pregnant by her 13-year-old student

Teacher is knocked up by her student.

Mass Appeal Wire Reports

HOUSTON — Wanna learn how to get an “A” without doing any homework? A Texas middle school teacher turned herself in after she allegedly became pregnant after having sex with her 13-year-old student. Alexandria Vera, 24, faces a felony charge of continuous sexual abuse of a child. Vera, who taught eighth grade English at Stovall Middle School in Houston, began flirting with the student during summer school last year. They eventually exchanged phone numbers and went out on a date. That’s when Vera drove over to the student’s residence to pick him up.

They reportedly cruised around town and kissed.

Roughly 24 hours later, Vera showed up at the student’s house while his parents were away and they started having sex. Here’s where things get even more complicated. Vera told police she was introduced to the boy’s parents as his girlfriend and that they were very “accepting of their relationship.”

The parents even allowed the student to spend the night at Vera’s house as long as she drove him back home in the morning to get ready for school. Vera also told police she had sex with the student “on almost a daily basis at her home.”

After she got pregnant, Vera told the boy’s parents and they were reportedly “supportive and excited” about the baby. But she ended up getting an abortion after Child Protective Services showed up at the school to question her about the relationship.

Should Vera receive jail time?

Are the parents wrong for approving the relationship?

Does the student deserve extra credit?

Share your thoughts below.



  2. I really wonder about the mind that thinks sex with children is okay. Extremely unsettling.

  3. Man, I would get her pregnant as well. :))

  4. Nibb TheNibbler

    Damn where were all these teachers when i was in school.

  5. That’s freaking disgusting. A 8th grader, really? What can a CHILD do for a GROwn adult. I hope she does her time in prison and the kid gets any help he needs to understand that relationship was inappropriate . His parents need to do time as well.

  6. Why the hell is it a big deal! The parents knew and obviously didn’t care

  7. sexy teacher can she abuse my dick

  8. Chrisie Morley

    Can’t believe the comments in here if this was a guy having having sex with a 13 year old girl u want he hanged

  9. didnt know a dick could get that hard at 13

  10. I don’t find this wrong for some reason when I was 13 I knew a lot of shit and I knew right from wrong I wouldn’t hesitate to fuck my teacher if I had the chance and in middle school kids are already fucking left and right and every dude had some kind of access to porn

  11. They act like the kid got raped. That muhfucka was probably crushing cheeks like no tomorrow, and he even spent the night and passed the class. The Parent were like “Well shit, at least he getting that 99%”.

  12. miguel villatoro

    Lil nigga did what we all wanted to do

  13. dumb af. threw away her career at 24 so she could have sex with a teenager. SMFH. she bad though…

  14. Way to f*ck up your life sweetie. Not sure if he has game or she has hardcore emotional issues. If this were a male teacher bangin’ a 13 year old girl I’m sure it wouldn’t be as light hearted as I have been seeing in other forums.


  16. id tap that ass ?

  17. That bitch is prettier than a mofo. I woulda waxed that ass too.

  18. she make a nigga wanna get an education

  19. These female teachers are raping these boys. These young boys don’t understand what is going on and these teachers who are supposed to be authority figures are taking advantage of them. She should be put under the jail. Obviously she can’t handle a real man and has to go after a little boy.

  20. Mrs. Anti Feminazism

    If I was running this country as president of the United States, I would
    round up every female teacher who had sex with a minor and send her
    over to the middle east like Iran or Syria to one of those jails where
    they are hard on women. And believe me watch and see how
    fast this double standard garbage would stop pretty quick because in the
    middle east if a woman dares having sex with a student, they would
    give her a series of whips and lashes to her body while they would beat
    her. There are no ‘Woman’s Rights’ in places like Iraq
    or Iran and nobody their is Politically Correct like the pussy men here
    in America.

  21. If this was a male teacher who got a 8th grade girl pregnant people would be out for blood. The bitch deserves to be in jail. She’s a fucking pedophile. End of story. Stop making this some kind of joke just because she’s attractive. I guess all rapists who are attractive should get a pass now too. Fucking morons.

  22. The only crime was her not sleeping with me.

  23. flightphysician

    Another narcissistic sexual child predator. The parents are also clueless.

  24. #Letherbe!!!! #AlexandriaVera #andtherestofthem .They both had fun right!!! No one got hurt. There are serious crimes out there which this kind of attention would help the situation. The boys parents are OK with it. Funny country, homosexuality is alright though…….

  25. remember in elementary school where kids bought apples to teachers? well hey I’d do that once a month if she was my teacher. I’d be a true teachers pet

  26. Jesus Christ. What a white trash piece of shit. About the only thing more revolting and inexplicable than her relationship with this youth is the fact that the youth’s parents were OK with it!!!! That last fact is beyond shocking. That she needs mental help is not open for debate, but I don’t think the young man’s parents have got their heads on straight either. This is nauseating.

  27. Craig “Murple” Schenk

    As someone who has been a 13 year old boy… all I can say is this goddess deserves a medal, not prison. Christ, why couldn’t I have been “victimized” by someone like her? Love you, Alexandria!!!

  28. I knew a guy who apparently had sex with a teacher from my old school and now he’s married to her and got her pregnant twice. This guy cheated on his girlfriend back in 2004 with this evil female teacher. How he’s still with her after 12 years and has two kids no one would understand.

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