Angry dad goes after serial killer who murdered his daughter and two women

Van Terry attacks serial killer Michael Madison

Angry dad attacks vile serial killer.

Mass Appeal Wire Reports

CLEVELAND — In an attempt to wring the neck of the man who allegedly murdered his daughter, Van Terry channeled his inner-Superman on Thursday (June 2) when he leaped across a courtroom table in Cleveland. The ish hit the fan when 38-year-old serial killer Michael Madison smiled at Terry, 36, as he approached the stand to deliver his victim-impact statement shortly after the judge issued a death sentence for the grisly murders of Terry’s daughter Shirellda, 18, Shetisha Sheeley, 28, and Angela Deskins, 38.

The slayings occurred between October 2012 and July 2013. Even though Terry was successful at making it across the table, he was immediately grabbed by Sheriff deputies before he could do any damage. Madison and his legal team proceeded to move out the way.

After a 15-minute delay, the hearing continued.

Terry, however, wasn’t there.

He was removed from the courtroom.

Watch the wild scene, share your thoughts. 


  1. That dive was everything! Everyone should have exited and let him beat the crap out of this POS.

  2. Don’t blame the father of the victim who jumped on him at court.the convict deserved it. Plain and simple…

  3. Let the father have at him. Wasting money to keep him alive until his death sentence is ridiculous.

  4. That human turd was already sentenced to death. They should’ve let the dad carry out the sentence.

  5. They should’ve allowed the dad at least 1 good punch to that smug motherfvcker.

  6. I don’t blame that poor Father one bit. I couldn’t imagine living that nightmare, I wanted to smack that guy’s smug face just from watching this clip. If ANYONE hurt my kids I honestly don’t know how I could remain calm.

  7. i didnt know derek fisher was a serial killer

  8. I think relentless serial killers should be executed the same way in which they ended the lives of their victims. Scum like Michael Madison have no place on Earth with us and should be disposed of rightly so. There is no reason to keep garbage like Madison alive- waste of tax payers dollars.

  9. In a perfect society the father should be allowed to inject the lethal dose or to push the button while this sick dog can watch smiling at him.
    Justice served.

  10. Prayers to your family Mr. Van Terry,,,,,only another parent could ever understand the anger and grief of losing a child to a monster! I wish you would have given him a lesson that he so rightfully deserved!

  11. Did that animal actually laugh at him, is that what I heard? WTF??? Should have his fingers and toes clipped one by one, 10 minutes apart and then have his dick cut off and left to bleed to death.

  12. If it were me, I would be plotting to get revenge on the killer. I would start by ensuring he lived in a constant state of paranoia, never knowing when his life would end, never knowing who would come for him, never knowing how much torturing him would please me. Its a stable state of justice for the victims of pieces of shit like him. Death would be too easy and quick. it needs to simmer slowly and take place over years and years. ahh the enjoyment of justice served is certainly pleasing to the palette. Poeple like him are a complete waste of skin and an infection and disease on humanity.

  13. I know they have to keep order in the court but they should’ve let him get a few licks in before taking him off. I don’t think there’s a parent, a caring one anyways, that wouldn’t react the same way he did had they seen their child’s killer smirk at them. Such a shame Terry’s family has to go through this. Guys like that serial killer makes me wish the Punisher was real

  14. He should of had 3 minutes with that guy so he could beat the living shit out of him for killing his daughter

  15. I side with the father. These criminals are treated better than those they murdered. In some ways, I can see the muslim religion being beneficial to crimes like these. death is the only thing this POS deserves and quick.

  16. Van Terry, you are my HERO. I’m so very sorry for your loss. I hope that walking piece of filth, Madison, suffers horribly before he is put to death.

    This peace of shit of Michael Madison should be tortured to death .

  18. If this was me I would have said to the judge lock me in a room with my Daughter’s murderer & will give him punishment like you have never seen before. Then walked out covered in his blood with a smile across my face & say now there’s your justice!!!…

  19. Scum had a smirk on his ugly ass face I would have let the father beat his worthless ass

  20. I would have done the same thing… Fuck these bitch ass cowards that murder innocent victims…

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