Muhammad Ali’s greatest fight happened outside the ring against Parkinson’s

Laila Ali amazed at her daddy’s resilience outside the ring.

Ali’s best fight outside the ring.

Mass Appeal Wire Reports

PHOENIX — Born Cassius Clay, Muhammad Ali was widely considered “the greatest” fighter in boxing history. But his longstanding battle outside the ring was without question more awe-inspiring. After a 32-year fight with Parkinson’s disease, the three-time Heavyweight champ suffered a heavenly TKO on Friday (June 3). He died at the age of 74. Bob Gunnell, a family spokesperson, told media Ali passed away at a Phoenix-area hospital where he spent the past few days receiving treatment for respiratory complications.

“The Ali family would like to thank everyone for their thoughts, prayers, and support and asks for privacy at this time,” Gunnell said in a statement. Nobody saw this coming. Just a few days ago, Ali was graded in “fair condition” and he was expected to endure a very “brief” stay at the medical facility.

The self-proclaimed “King of the World” was originally diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease in 1984, three years after retirement. Ali’s daughter, Laila Ali, was absolutely stupefied by her daddy’s strength and resilience in the midst of his declining health.

“He’s such a fighter, still, when at times he seems weak and not able to handle it, he comes through stronger than ever, “ Laila told People Magazine last Spring.

“He’s still fighting regardless and I love my dad for that.”

Muhammad Ali (1942-2016) is officially retired.

Rest in Peace.


  1. Ardli Robbi Habibie

    RIP Legend, god bless you!!! goodbye THE GREATEST!

  2. MatrixFactoryGuy

    What an arrogant cocky sob this man was with a massive ego of epic proportions! Smack talking constantly, talking shit constantly,.. the “Louisville Lip”,…”I am the Greatest”…well,… God got the last laugh and shut this ego maniac up by giving him Parkinson’s Disease and making him endure its effects for decades… it’s fucking Poetic! This guy was a legend in his own mind!

    This guy was the Devil incarnate,.. he acted exactly the opposite of what the Bible preaches,….”I am the Greatest”….can a human being utter anything more evil from their mouth??? No humility and universally hated by almost everyone! Worst thing of all he converted to Islam.. the Devils Religion! Cassius Clay,.. good riddance!

  3. ALI = “All Life Is”…LOVE. Love you Ali. My African-American Idol who Rumbled and Thrilled the entire world. What a Man, created in God’s image. Our prayers and thoughts with his family and Loved ones. Love, Admiration and Respect always. ALI “The Great Champion” LIVES ON.

  4. There will never be another fighter like Ali. I first herd of him in a magazine article, before the Olympics. I was against his refusal to be drafted. As things turned out I realized he was right! He was a gentleman and I grew to understand where he was coming from. He will always be, “The Champ.”

  5. For me, Ali truly personifies the Greatest… He transcended Everything… Race, Politics, Sport, Comedy, Humility, Brashness, Confidence, Love, Peace…

    The Greatest Human Being in Modern Times…

    Another Light of Humanity has again, flickered away and died…

    And this planet of ours will Never be the same again…

    RIP Brother Muhammad…

    Your Work has finally ended…

  6. This is the worst Saturday I’ve had in a long time and I’ve had some bad ones, we seem to be losing all the people that made this world a better place to live in, RIP Muhammed Ali.

  7. Grace, Power, Speed, Clever, Funny.
    We will never see the like again.
    R.I.P Champ.

  8. So eloquent, so articulate, such a great communicator. What a shame Parkinsonism affected him virtually throughout his retirement, at a time when he could and should have become an effective spokesman and statesman for whichever cause he chose to espouse. I thought it was a real shame at the time. I’m just glad so much film of him exists. This is a strange age, of empty idols and instant celebrity, of people with increasingly shot attention spans. Ali’s legacy will endure as long as the human spirit endures.

  9. TheCodedtestament

    Muhammad Ali was a sports icon before Magic, Jordan, Tiger, Tyson, you name it.He was a sensational athlete who set the standard for self confidence in the underdog.

  10. R.I.P. Float like a butterfly, sting like a bee. Rope-a-dope them up there King Ali. Love you always!!!!!!!

  11. glad another muslim is gone, Isis won’t get any more money from him :),, plus he was a coward

  12. Fred LaGrandier

    Dear Muhammad Ali, thanks for teaching us how to stand up! May GOD grant you paradise. …And to boxers every where… thank you!

  13. Sad he was Islamic, he’s not going to heaven imo, it’s sad because he was a great man.

  14. He was a good muslim and God will hopefully grant him the paradise. It’s sad for you who don’t believe in anything, not for the greatest boxer of all time

  15. A good life, and a good death. Priceless…..

  16. King Pokemon the III From the 21st Century

    Before his death, Prince dies two months before him… After he dies, Kimbo Slice dies 3 days after him… 2016… A year to remember…

  17. All the greats leaving us with the entertainment garbage of the present and future. Seeing Ali in the 1970s growing up was a great thing. You just knew you were witnessing history when you saw him. RIP Ali.

  18. 2016 is the shittiest year. Prince dies, Muhammad Ali dies. Bernie Sanders is out, we’re all fucked.

  19. This is too damn emotional for me. I was way after he retired from boxing but his influence, his name, his beliefs, his words, his inspiration, his love never faded. I learned about him when I was 8yo and since then, he has been my inspiration, my strength, my voice. And I will pass all this to my kids and will tell them to pass it on to their kids. Keep this man alive because legends never die. RIP champ!! ?

  20. if only heaven had a boxing ring…. RIP ALI

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