Central Intelligence: Dwayne Johnson, Kevin Hart put on lively display for fans

Dwayne Johnson and Kevin Hart put on Spanish display.

The Rock and Kevin Hart invade Madrid.

Mass Appeal Wire Reports

MADRID — How’s this for double trouble? Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson and Kevin Hart put on a lively display for photographers at the Spanish photo call for their new crimefighting comedy “Central Intelligence” in Madrid on Tuesday. Johnson, 44, towered above the diminutive Hart, 36, as the juxtaposed duo posed for promotional pics in front of a huge bus that had the former professional wrestler plastered across the side as he held on to a gun. They also took pics in front of a little taxi cab that had Hart posing in a similar position with a pistol.

So what’s the story behind the choice in vehicles? Hart offered this explanation via Instagram: “Our means of transportation today in the UK…. I choose the Taxi because I’m small & @therock choose the bus because he’s big!!! Yup it was that simple…. #centralintelligence #hittingtheatersjune17th.”

“Central Intelligence” hits theaters June 17.

In the film, Johnson plays chiseled CIA spy Bob Stone.

Hart stars as his goofy sidekick Calvin Joyner.

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  1. Jonathan Heath

    This is gonna be hilarious.

  2. So its Ride Along 3 basically.

  3. I’m really hoping this Kevin Hart thing dies soon, hes not funny and the Rock needs to disappear as well.

  4. another movie with Kevin heart playing the same character, shit is getting old. I like Mike Epps, he can act multiple characters, he’s a good actor. Kevin is fell into that hole where he can’t do any other person.

  5. gabrielle henry

    When I c The Rock in a movie I buy a ticket when I c Kevin Hart in a movie I buy a ticket when I c both of them in a movie together I buy all the tickets ?

  6. What do I put here?

    This will either be a really funny movie or the worst thing ever.

  7. transcendentmuzic

    Looks like complete shit..however I like The Rock and Kevin Hart’s alright so I miiiight see it if I have nothing else to do

  8. andrew “andrew14364” moreno

    kevin Hart need to stop with these action movies

  9. Patrick Clothier

    cheap laughs with below average acting….the easily amused will make this movie a lot of money.

  10. Hahaha oh my fucking God!! fat Dwayne Johnson too funny

  11. I just realized that it comes out on my birthday ??

  12. TranceSuperWave

    Oh look, its another Kevin Hart being a loud obnoxious unfunny black midget sidekick movie. Go figure.

  13. Hart is overrated and unfunny…… how does he keep getting these roles?

  14. Marcelino Bibiano

    yo I can’t wait to watch this movie

  15. saw this movie tonight and hated it

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