Carrie Underwood stuns fans with new short hairdo at 2016 CMT Music Awards


Carrie Underwood chopped off all her hair.

Carrie Underwood loves short hairdo.

Mass Appeal Wire Reports

NASHVILLE — With a kick ass career and a 15-month-old son waiting at home, Carrie Underwood couldn’t care less about the length of her hair. She simply has much bigger fish to fry. The “Church Bells” singer shocked a national television audience Sunday night when she unleashed her new short hairdo on the red carpet of the 2016 CMT Music Awards. Carrie, however, gave a damn good explanation for the mom move. “I needed my life to be a little more simple,” she explained. “It was taking too long to do things that shouldn’t take long. It keeps getting shorter!”

“I wash my hair every day and I know that’s not great for it, but I work out and I sweat a lot so I need to, and I’m on stage and I sweat even more,” she added“I could spend half an hour to blow it dry and have it be super long, or I could spend that time playing with my son, and I’d much rather do the latter.”

The blonde country queen, winner of two awards at the big event, was still hotter than fish grease in her designer floor-length floral Mikael D gown. She ended up taking home trophies for ‘Performance of the Year’ and ‘Female Video of the Year’ — both for her hit single “Smoke Break.” 

Racking up accolades is nothing new to Carrie. She already owns the record for most ‘Video of the Year’ victories with six. She’s also earned 16 trophies, more than any artist in CMT Awards history.

Do you like Carrie’s hair short?

Should she grow it back out?

Watch her performance. Share your thoughts.


  1. Honestly, Carrie would look perfectly beautiful if she shaved her head.
    Beautiful inside and out

  2. These weekly awards show are ridiculous. The only awards shows that matter are the Oscars, Emmys, Tonys, and Grammys.

  3. Alexus Blackledge

    carrie underwood is like the Queen she is gooooooodddd

  4. Saw that coming

    I don’t know much about her but just basing an opinion off of looks here- she’s pretty flawless on the outside. Beautiful smile and although she’s very slim, she looks muscular as well.

  5. Read this ladies. Carrie doesnt take 2 hours to get ready.

    She likes to spend time with her child.

    “I could spend half an hour to blow it dry and have it be super long, or I could spend that time playing with my son, and I’d much rather do the latter.”

  6. Amazing performance, she never fails to impress me ??

  7. cheryl chambers

    Carrie always kills it. She is an amazing talent.

  8. she is so lovable and wholesome 🙂

  9. This is exactly why she is the best in country music and music in general! She was amazing! Well deserved awards and long overdue.

  10. Queen Carrie!!!

  11. that lady should run for president someday

  12. Wake me up Tommorow

    The thing i love about Carrie is she has that certain umph about her , that star quality that all the other country artists don’t really have.

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