‘Pitch’ star plays hardball with Snoop Dogg

Mark-Paul Gosselaar joins Snoop on the diamond/San Diego Padres.

Gosselaar playing games with Snoop.

Mass Appeal Wire Reports

SAN DIEGO — Veteran thespian Mark-Paul Gosselaar, best known for his television role as Zack Morris in the 90s teen comedy “Saved By The Bell,” hooked up with Snoop Dogg before tossing out the ceremonial first pitch at Wednesday’s San Diego Padres vs. Atlanta Braves baseball game. Speaking of pitch, Gosselaar is feelin’ awfully good these days. That’s because the 42-year-old actor is set to star opposite Kylie Bunbury in Fox’s upcoming baseball drama series “Pitch.”

Directed by Paris Barclay, “Pitch” tells the incredible story of Ginny (Bunbury) — a young black pitcher who defies unbelievable odds by becoming the first woman to play in the Major Leagues. Gosselaar will portray Ginny’s teammate, Mike Lawson, an attractive, self-assured future Hall of Fame catcher.

A suave ladies’ man off the field and a bonafide leader on it, Mike is skeptical of Ginny at first. But, over time, they end up bringing new meaning to the term, “team chemistry.”

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  1. this is just like ghostbuster. whats the big deal about women play baseball.

  2. TheFantomas2008

    this is so fucking bad…. “the first black person to …..” did i see that movie before? yes / did i like the first one ? yes / did i like the second one ? not that much … did i like that 33’rd movie based on that ? fuck no! this is retarded hit me with something new black people

  3. I like it I think the show can have potential there are a lot is storylines they can go with her being African American woman totally love that fact I’m glad that it’s not a motion picture it’s a lot to be said hopefully they use the show for that… And by the verge of happening I think they mean a woman actually playing pro baseball look at monae Davis

  4. Love Kylie Bunbury she’s an amazing actress ?

  5. when is she gonna give up her dreams be realistic and be a real woman barefoot and pregnant and make sandwiches

  6. PC bullshit. Nobody wants to see a girl playing baseball. This will be as popular as the WNBA. Ladies take your vaginas back to the kitchen.

  7. There is nothing wrong with women in sports or in military, what is wrong is when they loosen their standards to let women in to seem less ‘sexist’ and more diverse. If a woman can throw a fastball as hard as Nolan Ryan so be it, but don’t get upset when someone charges the mound and hits her just like they would do if she was a male.


  9. How would someone throwing about 65 mph make it into the MLB? The fastest baseball pitch by a woman is 69 mph which isn’t even close to professional level.

  10. You boys seem to be getting awfully stirred up by a fictional tv show? I mean its a TV SHOW. I’ve seen baseball movies about children with broken arms playing in majors and quite enjoyed them, and a movie about a bunch of ghosts playing in a cornfield. so whats really pissing you off about this one??

  11. @sewelio: We get it, you hate women.
    Just shut up and marry another man already.

  12. Patrick Gallagher

    mo’ne Davis is the only reason for this show

  13. This is so unrealistic. Black people don’t play baseball.

  14. She would get lit up

  15. If ur a guy on a team and u lose your starting spot to a chik, you gotta hold an eternal L

  16. why are some people so against movies and tv shows that encourage young girls and woc to do amazing things? don’t like it? don’t watch it

  17. I see you Zack Morris.

  18. make a show about a guy infiltrating the WNBA and dominating

  19. They already made that movie it’s called Juanma man

  20. nobody cares about women’s sports anyway

  21. She wouldnt make it through the first inning in real life

  22. Nothando Harriet Majoni

    as a woman who played sports my entire high-school career i know for a fact a woman will not win against a man in sports except for no-rules martial arts and maybe tennis (there’s so much more that goes into tennis than just speed and power with the right game plan, precision, placement and timing a woman could win against a man). None-the-less i can’t wait to watch this show it doesn’t necessarily have to be factual for me to enjoy it, i like it it’s a unique concept and for god’s sake this is tv people why can’t we enjoy it without bringing up sexist comments. you don’t have to believe it’s going to happen to enjoy the show.

  23. The comments about the concept of this show speaks for itself about ignorant degrading societal views of women. There are plenty of shows out there like Macgyver and Stitchers that are far fetched, yet those comments read nothing like the ones posted here. I don’t know what world you think you live in, but I live in a world where over half the population is female, please adjust your small mind to this fact. This show looks interesting and I’ll give it a try. If I don’t like it then it will be because the show has bad writing or acting but not because a black female is throwing a ball at a game and I just find that concept so far fetched that I can’t even wrap my mind around it enough to watch. 

  24. No wonder why the Padres suck this season

  25. Apparently Fox is really happy with the Empire ratings from black people…

  26. Looks like it’s gonna be a good show, with a great supporting cast with big name stars that I know and love. I’m hooked already can’t wait for it to premiere this fall.

  27. Black Pitchers Matter

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