‘Voice’ singer Christina Grimmie shot dead after concert performance in Orlando


Christina Grimmie shot dead after performing in Orlando.

Former ‘Voice’ star killed in Orlando.

Mass Appeal Wire Reports

ORLANDO — Christina Grimmie, a singer who competed on season six of “The Voice,” died Friday night (June 10) after Kevin James Loibl, 27, of St. Petersburg, Florida, shot her following her performance in Orlando. Christina was signing autographs when Loibl (armed with two guns) walked up to her and discharged his weapons. Christina’s brother alertly tackled Loibl who then shot himself dead. Christina, 22, was transported to the Orlando Regional Medical Center where she was pronounced dead.

“This should have been something that was fun and exciting,” Orlando Sgt. Wanda Miglio said in a news conference, “and for something like this to happen is just a tragedy.” The police credited Christina’s brother for being a hero. Had it not been for him, more people could’ve died.

“Very heroic actions by Marcus Grimmie to jump in and it definitely could have prevented further loss of life,” said Orlando Police Chief John Mina. After being discovered on YouTube, Christina achieved stardom with a solid third place finish on “The Voice” in 2014.

She was working on a new album for Island Records.


  1. Praying for Christina and her family during this time. May God be with you and Comfort you, as I know he will. AMEN

  2. If everybody is armed, nothing like this would ever happen? right? How many thousands has to die before people actually wake up. People who support the NRA should be ashamed of themselves.

  3. Dale Daughenbaugh

    If you think it through, she was shot because no one was scanning for weapons at all. Every concert I have been to we were scanned and usually frisked by law enforcement.
    Would you be happier if she were stabbed? We could then blame the NKA(National knife association).

  4. Kristen Cooper

    If only idiot Obama enforced CURRENT gun laws instead of shining constnatly about blacks being able to illegal buy guns to kill each other.

  5. Alexander Triozzi

    Just because she was on tv u suckers care!!! People get shot everyday!!! You idiots only care cause you saw her on tv!!!! As long as it took to type this another person got shot and killed!!! You people need lives

  6. I can’t accept this…. There must be something behind the story…. It is strange…. #FindJusticeForChristina

  7. She was so sweet, vivacious, beautiful, and incredibly talented on “The Voice,” coming after years of phenomenal success independently on YouTube. What a tragedy for such a young life with great promise to be extinguished by a gun while she had just shared joy through her music and was meeting fans after the concert.

    R.I.P. Christina, and my heart goes out to your family and friends, as they must be beyond devastated.

  8. I really cant get this in my head. I can’t believe this. She is so innocent and doesn’t fucking deserve this at all. what the fuck is wrong with that guy that shot her?

  9. MaddiePlaysMC_04 28

    Christina was just starting her career, and a stupid man HAD to kill her. And at the age of 22?! Who would do such a thing?! R.I.P Christina Grimmie

  10. SilverSquad Forest20

    Pardon my language, but this fucking sucks… Christina deserved to live a long healthy life, she was a great girl, I hope the bastard who shot her rots in hell.

  11. I don’t understand why she was killed… she did nothing wrong why anyone would want to kill her and commit suicide just after? it’s so unfair, no one deserves to die that way for nothing.
    I know god is real but why is this world so fucked up?

  12. Steph Infection

    People shooting up clubs, alligators eating babies, singers getting shot. Remind me to stay the fuck out of Orlando.

  13. so sad what has this world come to? 🙁

  14. Fuck, 2016 it’s being a very hard year. Prince, Muhammad Ali, David Bowie, the Orlando shooting and Christina Grimmie…

  15. In a business such as The Music Biz…which is run and controlled by Satan worshipers /Illuminate , a pure christian as she was who did not play the game the way the money people wanted her to so therefore she had to be eliminated….Her Voice was becoming to strong and they could not have that.

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