Gay Massacre: Trump says he’s right about Islamist terrorism, slams Obama

Donald Trump slams Democrats over gay mass shooting.

Trump rips Obama over gay shooting.

Mass Appeal Wire Reports

ORLANDO — Rather than offer his condolences to the families of murder victims at a gay nightclub in Orlando, presumptive Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump chose to underscore his campaign’s controversial dispatch as it relates to Islamist terrorism. “When will this stop?” Trump wrote on Twitter. “When will we get tough, smart & vigilant?” Armed with an AR-15, security guard Omar Mateen opened fire inside the ‘Pulse’ early Sunday morning (June 12).

Witnesses said Mateen unloaded dozens of rounds on the helpless crowd, killing 50 and leaving at least 53 more critically-wounded in the deadliest mass shooting in modern U.S. history. After a 3-hour siege, Mateen was killed in a shootout with law enforcement officials.

“There’s blood everywhere,” said Orlando Mayor Buddy Dyer.

Mateen, 29, is an American citizen born to Afghan parents. He reportedly pledged allegiance to the Islamic State during a 911 call prior to the massacre. FBI agents placed Mateen on a terrorist watch list back in 2013. He was questioned 3 times but eventually removed from the list.

“Appreciate the congrats for being right on radical Islamic terrorism, I don’t want congrats, I want toughness & vigilance,” Trump wrote“Is President Obama going to finally mention the words radical Islamic terrorism? If he doesn’t he should immediately resign in disgrace!”

Do you agree with Trump?

Is it fair to blame Muslims?

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  1. Hell fire awaits any Moslem for killing any of God’s creation including the animals of this Earth. Moslems taking part spreading hatred against anyone will pay the price when they meet Allah. My sincere sympathy for the gay communities any where in the world for this heinous despicable inhuman crime. I am Moslem Arabic and not gay. This man is criminal.

  2. So the part that doesn’t make sense of its a shooting how did he killed 50 and injure 53?? He locked the doors did he had a drum for the rifle or did he use explosives??? I mean the amount of time to reload and accuracy it takes to actually kill 50 and injure 53 just one guy with no military training like can some answer that I’m looking it up and nothing no evidence !!!

  3. It would be super easy to kill 50 people in a crowded room. It only takes about 10 seconds to unload a 30 round magazine ( It’s just like tapping your finger on a table) . It takes about 5 seconds to reload. A single full metal jacket .223 could easily go through several people before stopping. Takes no skill whatsoever. [ I hope the killer burns for eternity.]

  4. It’s funny people who are against gays are now back lashing against Muslims for some reason. Truth be told they don’t care about the victims, they want an opportunity to hate on muslims.

  5. kill them faggots

  6. I’ve always dreamt of seeing this on TV finally today God answered my prayers and and thank you Omar you are my hero great job on killing these faggots I hope you and your family the best I will never forget you as long as I live I will be telling stories of this proud and joyous day to all my children at a time when society supports filth someone stood up and started to wipe clean this world of its filthy faggot sinners May God bless you Omar and just know that I will always think of you as a hero !

  7. Congrats,you just proved how much of a sick person you are,celebrating the death of people.because of your deep rooted hatred for them.

  8. @Elias Insen: You are a heartless piece of shit. How could you celebrate the slaughter of 50+ people as if it were some sort of cleansing? Sick bastard.


  10. yip. honkies always use religion for any excuse… he was faggot killer… America is the real terrorist… USA USA USA USA USA …WELLDONE HOLLYWOOD….blockbuster hit… pity he couldn’t have slaughtered all them faggots… LOL!

  11. OH WOW! ALRIGHT! great the FB fucking I interviewed this guy 3 damn times and put him on a damn anti-terrorist list and still allowed him to pass a back round check? not only that, but why the fuck did this all become the FUCKING GODDAMNED GUNS FAULT!?

  12. If you want more muslims being allowed to come here and kill us vote for Hillary

  13. So Trump says we need to ban the muslims because they keep blowing everything up and killing everybody, liberals get all pissed off at him and call him a bigot and then when he’s proven right, they go after him for a tweet. These people are a joke, they have no idea whats going on. Fucking Judd Apetow was going after Trump on twitter right after tweeting about an assault weapons ban. Muslims do what they do and Americans have to lose their rights? I say no to gun control, yes to muslim control.

  14. Masculine Buddha

    You know, I really can’t wait for Hillary to take office, because when she does, it will be open season for radical muslims in the US. Every queer, feminist and liberal in America will be a prime target and all the “gun toting conservatives” will just sit back and laugh at all the violence.

  15. The country is afraid. Not just the white people in it! The mainstream media does not acknowledge this fact. Trump is the only person I have ever heard address this reality. While everyone else is focusing on the “fun deficit” he is laying out what it causing the fear and what to do about it. I support this part of his policy. I live in nyc and I can tell you it’s not just white people who support him. Nor just the middle America fears. When November hits he will go from being the Donald to being the heffe. With a big sombrero :)

  16. How does Drumpfturd handle a crisis? Like any other sociopath would.

    He doesn’t give a shit about anyone other than himself.

  17. Dallas McQuarrie1

    I do believe it’s impossible to over estimate just how ignorant Donald Trump is.

  18. trump is an asshole

  19. I hate muslims… when they kill gay people because of their fucked up beliefs

  20. Donald Trump will fix this country. Hillary will ruin it.

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