Netflix’s ‘Orange Is the New Black’ back for season four, but is this the finale?

Jackie Cruz talks season four with Frankie Grande/Amazon

Netflix’s prison series is back.

Mass Appeal Wire Reports

SEATTLE — Orange Is the New Black’s Jackie Cruz was straight stylin’ during an appearance on Amazon’s Style Code Live. The 29-year-old actress stopped by to discuss season four of Netflix’s raunchy prison series with Live co-host Frankie Grande. The showed premiered Friday, June 17th. But will this be the finale? Absolutely not. Netflix officials have already announced the renewal of the series for the next three seasons following the fourth. So you can plan on watching a fifth, sixth and seventh season (barring a disastrous decline in ratings).

Also, Netflix officials haven’t ruled out an extension beyond season 7. Written by Lauren Morelli, ‘Orange Is the New Black’ tells the story of Piper Chapman — a woman in her thirties who’s sentenced to 15 months in Litchfield Penitentiary after getting convicted for a decade-old crime of conveying cash to her drug-dealing girlfriend.

“I think [Season 4] is going to be one of the most talked about seasons,” said actress Selenis Leyva, who plays Gloria Mendoza on the show. “There’s a lot more conflict, there’s division amongst the groups more than ever. This is the season of the rise of the Latinas and there’s a lot of conflict within that.”

‘Orange Is the New Black’ is currently streaming on Netflix.

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  1. finally, fuuuuck

  2. Nellie “2 REAL” Santiago

    omg i can’t wait… i rewatched all the seasons. im still on season 2 for now but ill be done before season 4 comes out. i hope they tell what happened to dayas baby and i can’t wait until i see the new casted but it better not take away from the old cast because thats when my mood gets fucked up. im very excited lets hope theres a season 5 im hoping this gets many more seasons in future ???

  3. Scarlett Whisperer

    fucking finally!!!!!!!

  4. shit finna be lit ?

  5. this sucks ass bc i don’t have netflix anymore and I was really looking forward to this

  6. Piper is so fucking annoying. Two faced bitch. I liked her then i hated her then i started to like her again then she fucked up yet again and yeah she can piss off.

  7. I got into this show last summer it was so good I watched the full three seasons in a week.


  9. Donovan Afolayan

    just so you guys know am watching season 4 right now I had to refresh my Netflix page almost broke my damn computer feel sorry for those without Netflix. (NOT)

  10. watchin the show right now and luvin it

  11. HipHopcheerleader

    I was pissed, appalled, insulted, tickled, ruthless, compassionate, and in some cases, I was depressed. MISSION ACCOMPLISHED writers. Good job. Don’t dumb this show down. Use this platform to wake people up, not simply entertain and amuse them. There are no easy “sitcom-ish” easy solutions in 30 minutes. I watched all 13 episodes in 1 weekend.

  12. this season got me crying several times throughout the episodes. it’s so emotional and tragic and angsty and political and just so so good.

  13. Just finished season 4 and it was the dopest shit i ever seen in my life

  14. Watched 6 episodes already and I have to say it’s still pretty lame till now..wasn’t really exciting but I hope it gets better soon:) I’m still waiting for the big moment. The 2nd session is still the best in my opinion

  15. season 4 is disappointing 🙁

  16. Yourstruly Reexo

    i LOVED this season hands down the best along with season 2 ?? but there wass sooo much racism in it tho.. Guess it was a reflection of the world we living in now ps Rip Poussey ❤️?

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