Cleveland Cavs win their first NBA title amid loud claims the league is rigged

LeBron James and the Cavs are improbable world champions.

James delivers 1st title to Cleveland.

Mass Appeal Wire Reports

OAKLAND — The NBA may be rigged. Most professional sports are. But if you’re a fan in Cleveland, you couldn’t care less. That’s because the infamous curse of John Elway has finally been exorcised. After a 52-year hiatus from championship lore, the Cleveland Cavaliers defeated the Golden State Warriors 93-89 Sunday night on the road to give the snake-bitten city its first pro title since 1964. The Cavs also became the first team in NBA history to overcome a 3-1 deficit to win the Finals.

Finals MVP LeBron James, who won back-to-back titles with the Miami Heat before returning home to Cleveland — registered a triple-double to lead his team to victory. “I’ve never seen a man in my life tell an entire state: ‘Get on my back, I got you. Get on my back and I’m going to carry you,” said teammate Richard Jefferson in discussing LeBron’s greatness.

“I don’t care if we fail, I’m going to wake up the next morning and I’m going to start working out and prepare for the next year. He was like, ‘I’m going to come back home because I promised them that I would do something.’ And he carried us the whole way.”

When the final horn sounded, it was difficult to tell which team had lost. Cavs head coach and Kansas City native Tyronn Lue cried for several minutes. Ditto for James, Kevin Love and J.R. Smith. Warriors guard Steph Curry struggled most of the night, finishing with 17 points“It hurts, man,” Curry said.

“Just proud of every single guy that stepped foot on the floor for our team this year. … Hopefully we’ll have many more opportunities to fight for championships and be on this stage because this is what it’s all about.”

During the trophy presentation, disgruntled Warriors fans inside Oracle Arena booed NBA commissioner Adam Silver. The integrity of the league has taken a hit recently amid claims from Curry’s wife Ayesha, Boston Red Sox pitcher David Price and former referee Tim Donaghy that the NBA is fixed.

Do you think the league is rigged?

Did the best team win?

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  1. Patricio Bateman

    NBA referees were very close to perfection in this game, this increases the respect and credibility for the NBA

  2. Vincent Nguyen

    I’m so happy for Lebron. He’s like that kid who goes to highschool who nobody likes, but he continues to keep his grades up and focuses in the classroom for a better future.

  3. C’mon NBA were not buying this. You went too far this time!

  4. Cavs actually celebrating this “win”???? Lol. A happy end of career gift from adam silver to you lebron! Good one winning a ring for your slave master dan gilbert!!!

  5. The reality is this series was decided in game five with the b.s. suspension of Draymond Green. The NBA has lost it’s credibility in extending series for $$$$. While Green may have deserved a suspension in the O.K. series, that was purely instigated bye “Lejerk”.

  6. All the Lebron haters have to give props no matter how much they hate him. The only team EVER to do what they did. He put back up to back to back monster games. Respect. What an amazing game. Congrats to LBJ and the Cavs. What a ride

  7. the entire series was a fix with Green kept out of Game 5 and the lousy shooting in game 7. You mean to say neither team could make a basket in the 2 min span late in the fourth qtr ?? Sorry, folks, the NBA WANTED the Cavs as winner for obvious reasons. It’ll all come out some day. Fixes always have rats.

  8. Again….Let’s put this into perspective. While LeBron did an awesome feat in sports, he DID NOT:
    i) Find a cure for cancer
    ii) Invent the iPhone
    iii) Save a life during 911
    iv) Bring down the Berlin Wall
    v) Write ‘Catcher in the Rye’

    The City of Cleveland could care less about this stupid ‘drought’. They care about jobs and economy and whether it’s worth staying in Cleveland as opposed to LA or NYC.

  9. Glad to see GS win 73 because I hated that protected, cocky MJ and the Bulls back then. Glad to see LJ lose last year because I hated that cocky, entitled little crybaby back then. Glad to see Curry lose tonight because he got so full of himself it appeared he forgot he had four other guys on his team. There is no humility in pro sports anymore, and I guess that’s why I enjoy watching the mighty fall. But the beauty (equally ugly to me, because I still can’t stand to watch LJ play) this time around is that no matter how much you hate champions, you can’t deny their greatness. Championships aside, MJ and LJ still are the most-coddled, biggest crybabies in NBA history.

  10. Cavs deserved it. The Warriors just don’t look right, especially Curry. They way he played all year he just looked hobbled. Rushed shots, turnovers, and still it came down to the final few plays.

    I look back and I see a chain of events that started from the start of the playoffs. The Dubs got shafted and had to play right after the end of the regular season. They were exhausted the last game. Had they had the Sunday game instead of Friday, which Kerr rightly c0mplained about, maybe curry doesn’t get injured in first game against Rockets. Then maybe they the sweep them, get more rest and have a shorter conference finals aga9nst Thunder. And are full strength for finals. Curry did not look the same these playoffs. And I blame it on that one short shift on the schedule.

  11. Regardless of what team your rooting for, the facts are no NBA team has ever lost a 3-1 lead in the NBA Finals. There’s a reason for that. GS just became the first and two of them were at home. This is classic CHOKE. Their offense (outside of Green in the first half of Game 7) went AWOL and their defense disappeared in games 5 and 6. Their defense was good tonight but if your offense can’t figure how to score in the last 4 minutes of a close game. Your not going to win.

  12. Congrats to the Cavs! I am from Cleveland and the city deserved this. It was a good series and I knew things would get ugly because of arrogance and egos. At the end of the day, we earned this championship and kudos to Golden State for a great year. But, who’s smelling champagne now haha.

  13. William J Lefont

    lebron hail to the king..king james is the 1

  14. The game is fixed, for all u dummies that don’t know/ Just like the NFL. Cam jumped away from his SB fumble, not towards it. He wasn’t happy about the DIVE he had to take! The owed Lebron & Cleve – all done to make JZ & Beyoncé happy. I called it weeks before & can prove it in emails – write to Doug Yurchey or Tray Caladan – he’ll tell u about other BULLSHIT in the world: like a gay Obama and a Tranny wife – why do you think they killed Joan Rivers who exposed this in her book? Did u know Serena Williams was born a man?

  15. One hell of a season, one of the greatest ever. Kobe retiring, LeBron winning one for CLE, Golden State ripping up records all season long, seeing KG, Vince, Duncan, Dirk, Manu, still out there

  16. fuck lebron…… fuck adam silver…….. and fuck the rigged NBA

  17. I was gonna hate on Lebron, but as unlikable as he is, Cleveland is likable town and I’m glad this baby narcissist brought them the title.

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